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1. Tithes must be paid from monetary wages.

Tithes are ONLY farm produce (Lev.27:30; Deut.12:17;14:23; Neh.10:37)

2. Tithes must be paid by pew Christians to pulpit Christians.

The clergy-laity divide is unscriptural.  ALL believers are priests (I Pet.2:5,9). OT priests did not tithe to each other.  If you owe preachers tithes, they owe YOU tithes too.

3. Tithing must be done every single Sunday or God will get mad at you.

Tithing was done ONLY at harvest time. No tithes were taken on the Sabbatical (seventh) year, when God commanded both the land and the people to rest (Ex.23:10; Lev.25:4). Has your pastor ever told you to quit work (your harvest field) every 7th year and just live off the land?

4. Tithe or God will curse you.

Jesus’ death abolished the Old Covenant (Col.2:20-22; 2 Cor.3:13; Heb.8:13). Christians are not under the Law (Gal.5:18). Tithe and you have to keep ALL  the Law (Galatians 5:3). Jesus delivered us from the curse of the Law but coming back under it could make you fall from grace and  endanger your salvation (Gal.3:10,13; 5:4).

5. Tithing is God’s way of financing the church.

The only building God seems interested in is the edification (building up) of His SPIRITUAL house (I Cor.3:16; 2 Cor.6:16; Eph.4:12; Heb.3:6; I Pet.2:5). Jesus didn’t go around fund raising for the Jewish Temple.  Instead He fed the poor.

6. The tithe must NEVER be eaten.

That’s ALL tithes were for. Deut.12:18 and Deut.14:26-29 commands the worshipper, the Levites and all the poor to come rejoice before God and eat the tithe!

7. Tithing is the training wheels of giving.

How odd, neither Jesus nor the apostles ever said that! Another false TRADITION OF MEN.

8. Tithes must be paid before you can enter God’s presence and you mustn’t appear before Him empty-handed.

Which testament are those preachers living in? We’re brought nigh to God BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS (Heb.10:19). Christians are one spirit with Christ (I Cor.6:17) so we’re ALREADY in God’s Presence!  Only Jewish MALES were commanded to appear before God bringing offerings and only 3 times per year (Ex.23:17;34:23).

9. Tithing is essential for discipleship and you can’t become a church leader without a faithful tithing record.

Funny how Paul forgot to mention tithing when he listed the qualifications for church elders in 1 Tim.3:1-12.

10. Tithe or you’ve sinned against the Holy Ghost like Ananias and Sapphira.

Read the TRUTH in Acts 5:1-11. Tithing is nowhere  mentioned. Ananias and Sapphira died for LYING to the Holy Ghost. If they could have persuaded Peter that their donation made them destitute, they could have lived off church welfare while hiding a nice nest egg. Preachers make plenty of money from the Unpardonable Sin!