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Fearful Judgment Is Coming On Deceivers
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Fearful Judgment Is Coming On Deceivers
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Fearful Judgment is Coming on Deceivers

II Kings 4:1-7; Matthew 23:14; Mark 12:40; Luke 20:17


One favorite example used by slick religious operators is the story of the desperate widow whose late husband’s creditors threatened to sell her sons as slaves to satisfy the debt.  Elisha asked her: What do you have in the house?   She replied, “I have nothing but a pot of oil.”


The prophet instructed this woman to go and borrow all the extra jars her neighbors could lend her.  Once she did this, she began to fill them with the oil from her own jar.  The amount of oil multiplied to fill all the other jars.  Elisha said she was to go sell the oil and use the money to pay off her creditors.  Whatever was left over, she and her sons could live on.  My prophet required no fee for this miracle.  Many “faith” teachers twist the meaning of this story to infer that their audience (the widow) should send in to them (symbolized by Elisha)  their  last dribble of money.  And in their eyes, money is king.


Such  sinners have pushed Me too far. How dare they claim kinship with My servant Elijah, who denounced the spirit of idolatry which brought ruin to My Nation of Israel! These ministers of darkness have utterly corrupted themselves, and seared their own consciences.


Thinking that I am just benignly looking the other way, they have carried their wickedness to the grossest extremes.  They stand in peril  of eternal hellfire, for they cunningly claim an anointing of My Spirit which they know full well they don’t have!  And they plead and beg for donations, on pretense that they’re going to help the needy or spread the Gospel of Salvation around the globe. But these fraudsters have already earmarked their projected annual donations for their own lusts.


I say to such thieves: When you deliberately  steal money My precious saints have prayed over and consecrated to Me, you are stealing from Me and telling lies in My Name! How dare you lay claim to a temporary unction of My power which will expire for your victim if he fails to insert a fat donation for this week in your pink envelope, and then neglects to send next week’s  installment in the green envelope!  My Holy Spirit is exceedingly precious, and not to be trifled with!


Did I not pronounce judgment upon false leaders of the blind who devoured the sustenance of widows, and only pretended to be pious?  How dare you rascals identify themselves with the Holy God of Israel and call yourselves by the Name of Christ!  My Visage is so fearfully holy in its Brightness,  you hypocrites would be stricken through with unutterable horror were you to be called before Me for judgment. I am moved with indignation against you!   You who have offended in these things, fall now on your faces and repent, in hopes that I may yet spare you an outpouring of My fierce wrath.


Behold, I am about to deliver the entirety of my true flock from this end-time deception.  Yes, I shall demand an accounting from greedy purveyors of Carnival Christianity.  When I ask them what they have done with all the money they amassed in My Name, they will shiver from head to toe with great dread, these wily foxes who had the temerity to continue in their evil ways until they could no longer repent. They shall then know that they robbed My Kingdom of money which could have been used to spread the message of My love, and that they used devious methods to bribe, beguile or bully  their hearers into giving, methods I even denounce in My Word. 


Woe be to you who have created your own paradise on earth with My money you have bilked out of naive believers.  You have already received your reward, which is corruptible and shall quickly pass away.