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Prov.22:7; John 14: 2-3; I Tim.6:10; James 4:13-15


Jesus promised that there would be many mansions awaiting homecoming believers, and He would be going back up to heaven to prepare these lovely homes for My children Who trust in Me. 


How perverse, the sheer scale of the greed I behold from heaven today! The spirit which motivated Judas to sell Me for filty lucre is alive and active in the earth today on an even more massive scale when I walked the earth as a Man.  It used to be that one fine mansion apiece was enough for those who sold  the gospel for gain.  Then fishers for funds aimed for two or three apiece, a fine summer palace in desert country to escape winter’s chill, plus a summer retreat in the mountains.  Or, perhaps,  a cliffside beach home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  How ironic, that those who wrongfully use My money to build houses along the cliff fail to realize they are spiritually in danger of being blown by satan off a far more precarious cliff into hell!


Now it has come to pass that a few greedy preachers have literally dozens of homes at their disposal!  Plus fleets of fine cars, and fancy jets to take them anywhere on earth at their whim!  While many of  My dear children are struggling to keep the heat on in one tiny, shabby hovel, or don’t even have one secure dwellingplace, those carnival clown preachers are howling over the TV and Internet for still more loot to save their so-called ministries from going under!  They dress up in their finest pink wigs and fancy suits to impress the gullible that they are the walking embodiment of prosperity and deserve to be kept up in the style to which they’ve become accustomed!  They dine on fine wines and gourmet entrees while My “little grandma” daughters and “precious papa” elderly sons eat cat tuna or macaroni and cheese for dinner to save money.


As if that weren’t enough, non-existent earnings are being pleaded for by filthy rich preachers to fund their exorbitant lifestyle.  My dear children are being duped into “sowing seed” they haven’t even earned yet by pledging generous amounts on their credit card! That amounts to selling yourself into slavery to some creditor, and burdening all your tomorrows with extra anxiety and labor.. Doesn’t common sense teach you that if those TV preachers really DID love you they wouldn’t sell you into such bondage?


My Word cautions you against banking on things happening for you in a certain way in the future, or saying that you’re absolutely certain you’ll earn such and such an amount in the coming days.  For what is your life?  Earthly life is but a temporary vapor, and a prelude to the next.


Know what the greediest of the greedy are actually thinking?  Deep in their evil hearts  they’re wondering why, if they’ve got it so good in the earth today, they should set their sights on heaven? Some of them think that since they’ve amassed such a big fortune on earth and such a fine collection of mansions in this present carnal world, why should they be content to look forward to just one mansion each in heaven?  A few greedy preachers take offense at the notion that saints who formerly ate cat food to supply their wants on earth will actually be equal in status to themselves in heaven and will each have their own lovely home to dwell in.  And what if the poor saint’s mansion were much nicer than their own?  After enjoying literally dozens of ritzy palaces and penthouses on earth, the worst of the greedy televangelists could not be content in such a heaven as this, even if it were possible for them to come here as they are..  Their unsanctified natures would torment them with jealousy of others whose own heavenly mansion quite possibly exceeds their own in size or glory!  It would be sheer agony to their proud, arrogant nature to have a humbler estate then that poor saint they’d robbed on earth! 


Some of those conniving conmen  love Me so little, they see FEW advantages to going to heaven over remaining on the earth.  They think “Oh, well, even if I have to downsize my lifestyle over in the Glory Land, . at least I won’t need plastic surgery, pills or diets anymore to look young forever.  Again, their sights are set on “What’s in it for ME?”


Some worry there won’t be any fancy cars or other status symbols in Paradise to set them apart from those they count as “peasant saints”.  One huckster in particular has taught that those who fail to “give to his ministry” would be the slaves of his “faith partners”, and they would be serving snacks to the “faith partners” and waiting on them hand and foot.  But that’s just another crass appeal to people’s  pride to shake them down and separate them from the money they need to live on!


When I appear in the skies to take My beloved Bride home, how many of those howling wolves will be ready and willing to go?  Will they be too lazy to get up off the floating toy  in their pool to rise up to meet Me in the air? Or will they be too busy counting the money sent in by poor widows to consider that the cost of following the real Jesus is well worth it in the end?


Every material thing you see round about you will some day perish in the flames of divine judgment.  Especially those things which are loathsome in My sight.  Those deceitful  idols of mammon  have led religious men and women away from the knowledge of the Truth, into the darkest paths of covetousness which lead directly to a devil’s hell.