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Prophetic Word

My  Blessings Are Not For Sale

Prov.22:16; Matt.7:6; 15:26; Mark 12:38-40;

Galatians Chapter 3;  II Pet.2:1-3; 3:16


I say unto you that much more is involved than crafty finagling for funds when the  precious truth of My Holy Word is twisted for gain. What is deeply hateful in My sight is the way crafty peddlers of religion come between Me and My own beloved people, the members of My own Body, the Church, which is My bride.


Like Judas did, I am being made merchandise of by those who covet superabundant luxuries for themselves. My Holy Name is being wrongfully used to sanction a perverted gospel of get. Truly the real Jesus has been forgotten, and a fake Jesus of their own making is being sold by greedy carnival wolves for profit,  like a pimp sells a prostitute to keep himself in luxuries.


Instead of healing the sick and raising the dead in My Name, religious hucksters are hurting the sick with lies and raising cash in My Name.  They make people promises of temporal wealth in My Name.  They shine on their glittery stage like angels, the way they sing sweetly and yank out key words and phrases from My Word to unlock the door to vast riches and spin webs to ensnare unstable souls desperate for a miracle.  Preachers of deceit mouth all the right-sounding catchphrases to catch the gullible off guard, and they seem to be the answer to people’s prayers.  But those scorpions sting at the end, after piles of money are sent in by loyal followers of the Greed Gospel circulated over the airwaves and from church pulpits. Little old ladies do without winter heat to fuel the hot lusts of greedy lovers of gain who shout “You can’t outgive God!” A few even pamper their preacher before feeding their own family.


 How sharp the pain of disappointment is, when wily religious scorpions make themselves scarce in the day of the giver’s calamity, and the duped individual wants to know where on earth his huge harvest is!


People who barely get by are cheated and robbed of their sustenance.  Disabled people are not spared either.  They are conned into giving up a big portion of their pensions to help create abominable inequalities in the professing Christian world.  While the most prosperous of the wily wolves enjoy many mansions to dwell in, some of My children fret about the possibility of being turned out onto the street because they can no longer afford to keep up the rent payments on their own tiny, shabby little apartment.


What do I think of the modernized version of the Old Testament tithing law?  People say it must be okay because Abraham tithed (once, and on the spoils of Sodom!).  Well, why are preachers so selective about what still applies in this Age of Grace?  Abraham practiced animal sacrifice and circumcision too, and he was also slept with his slave girl in addition to his wife.  Are you going to also claim those practices as being valid in the church of Jesus Christ?  I commanded ancient Israel to bring in the tithes of the fruit of the land ONLY!  And why?  So widows, Levites, strangers and fatherless children wouldn’t need to go hungry!  But what abomination goes on today?  Hungry families are pressured to cut out buying new clothes, work extra jobs, and scale back their grocery budget to fatten the preacher’s coffers!  The tithe, far from being given to hungry widows, is being taken FROM the hungry to feed those who enjoy the fattest of luxuries!  But I said in My Word, Those who exploit the poor to enrich themselves, and those who give to those already rich shall fall into deeper poverty.  And how dare preachers rewrite My Holy Word to include the wages of the poor in a tithe which never did apply to the Church Age to begin with!  If Jesus delivered you from some of the Law of Moses, He delivered you from ALL of it!  Let My Spirit of Love rule in your hearts by faith and through grace, not compulsion, you will share what you have with GENUINE needs in My Body!


“You can’t outgive God!” miracle peddlers cry.  “Even if you’re broke, borrow the cash to send in to our ministry!  Put Jesus on your credit card, and surely the Lord will repay it many times over within thirty days!”  I hate these awful appeals for money made unceasingly  by shifty men and women who have stockpiled corrupt riches for the end of this present age, which is doomed to My judgment. And they dare to put Me on the spot to be responsible for cleaning up the mess they’ve created!


And who are they to dare presume that I am a monkey on a leash who must perform tricks to their command?  If the big windfall doesn’t come to the donor within the time frame specified by the lying preacher, does that mean I am unfaithful? Who did the deceiving in that scenario of greed?  Was it not the religious manipulator who spoke a lying word to ensnare simple souls who truly love Me? Who specified the amount to be given, and to whom? Did I ever authorize any of those wasteful, carnal projects being peddled over the air or from the pulpit?  Who gave those presumptuous liars permission to promise grandiose earthly riches to impoverished viewers  for sacrificial offerings “of faith”?


The most despicable thing I see happening onstage and behind pulpits is preachers proclaiming with brassy boldness that My Holy Spirit showed him or her that it is His will for so many to give a large amount, and that My Spirit would bring a big anointing of blessing upon the ones able to give huge amounts sacrificially!  Sometimes the preachers are ignorant of the fact they’re wrong, but more often than not deliberate lying is involved.  Such crass presumption upon My mercy and forbearance!  Is the lesson of Ananias and Sapphira conveniently  forgotten, those two who committed just one episode of lying to My precious Holy Spirit and were dealt with severely  for it?  Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, the heart of swindlers and deceivers is emboldened to go on lying and deceiving and swindling and  conning weak souls in My name, and even the reverend name of the Holy Spirit is not being spared misuse by these preying jackals.


“Prophecies” are being peddled to the highest bidders. To those who give ten grand, a “special word” might be spoken to reaffirm that the “Gideon’s little army” of big contributors is special in My sight and a cut above all the peasants in the auditorium who couldn’t afford to part with that much. These greedy false profit prophets  make a real meal out of My people.  They not only devour widows’ houses, they steal the bread right out of the widow’s mouth!  And once again, divisions are created within the Body of Christ.  The rich are shown to the choicest seats while the poor huddle at their footstool, feeling ashamed.


The bigger the sacrifice the bigger the blessing.  I hear that sales pitch time and time and time again till it makes Me want to vomit out the perpetrators who cause My very elect to stumble. And most loathsome of all, “Don’t you dare appear before the Lord your God empty!  God emptied the very treasury of heaven to redeem you.  God gave His very best, and if you refuse to give YOUR very best (meaning a ton of money), you’ve got no right to come to the Lord to ask Him for anything!


Which covenant do these rascals think you’re living under?  Even under the Old Covenant I had mercy upon the destitute.  The price is already PAID IN FULL for all blessings pertaining to life and godliness, and that doesn’t necessarily mean all My children have to drive fancy cars or live in huge mansions while they’re here on this earth.  I came to give life and life more abundantly, and to heal sick souls and bodies, not to pamper the wealthy with far more than they need.  I did not come to create a class division among the brethren, but to tear down the wall of separation which leads to hostility and splits My people asunder into classes. It is mankind and his sinful, evil fallen nature which loves the class system so prevalent in My Body. 


The very idea, resorting to spiritual bullying, intimidation and blackmail to extort more and more money out of My own children!  Religious pimps say that unless you pander to their sinful greed for big bucks, you’ve got no right to come into the Presence of your own dear Heavenly Father! In their darkened minds, only money counts as giving, and it is the only type that counts.  Acts of kindness and charity, time spent with Me in prayer, giving help to those poorer than yourself, singing in the Spirit, and many other things count as giving in My sight. Remember, it was Mary who sat quietly at My feet to learn of Me while busy Martha fretted that she wasn’t doing enough to serve Me.  Both women gave to Me what they could, but Mary first gave of herself and her time to learn of Me.  She didn’t hustle and bustle, worrying that her sacrifices were too poor or too small to please Me.


Besides, you cannot purchase My favor by giving or doing anything. Your salvation is a gift of grace, not a wage of works.  If you could not save yourself through your own works (including the giving of money), what makes you think you can maintain your own salvation by performing works?


And as for appearing in My Presence, know ye not that you ARE the Temple of the Living God, and I dwell in your hearts by faith?  So you’re ALREADY in My Holy Presence, whether you always realize it or not.  How much did you have to pay to receive My Spirit into your heart by faith? How much did you have to pay to get your sins forgiven and washed away?  If preachers couldn’t charge you money for receiving My very greatest Gift, Christ Jesus, how dare they try to charge you for the privilege of KEEPING your right standing with Me? How dare those whitewashed tombs insinuate that I am displeased with those who don’t shower them with money, or that I will withhold My tender mercies from the poor, the very ones who are most in need of My grace!


When I told My disciples that “greater things than these shall ye do”, did I mean they would raise greater amounts of money than I did, or cook up cleverer tricks for bilking the faithful out of funds?  No! Greedy religious scoundrels KNOW they have no part in what I’m doing in the earth today. They KNOW they have no true anointing on their lives to serve Me acceptably and in godly fear, because they’ve already made gold their god, which is gross idolatry!  How can I use idolaters to do the works of My Son?  All the’ve got left is their thin veneer of religion and their bag of tricks which never fails to pull in the cash to keep them up in style.


 Deep inside those apostate preachers KNOW that while they’re driving fancy cars, eating at the finest restaurants, wearing the costliest clothes, and flying to pleasure spots around the globe, they are spiritually bankrupt in My sight and shall be found wanting at My judgment seat!  Those panhandler preachers shall be weighed in the balances and found wanting.  I shall ask each and every one of them: What did you do with the precious treasure I invested in you? Did you not waste it in riotous living, and then, once you became spiritually bankrupt, did you not make yourself into a religious bandit to steal other people’s treasures to squander?  “Get out of My sight!”  I shall roar in My indignation.  “I want nothing further to do with you, and your kind shall not contaminate My Kingdom any longer.”


Beloved, religious robbery  is a variation of satan’s favorite trick: Make things of darkness appear as an angel of light.  Prosperity pimps push filthy, silly, vain spiritual sorcery to religion addicts who can’t afford their costly habit but keep on crying out for more and more “new revelations of victory” until they are destroyed by disillusionment in the end.


This outrage perpetrated upon My Body has been made a laughingstock by the world, but it is no laughing matter to see the chaos which has been sown by the enemy in the camp of the saints. This is a war for the truth, and the truth is being lost in a muddle of confusion created by spirits of darkness.  The casualties are broken-hearted people who reached out to a smiling face in their desperation and sent “the Lord” one last “seed” which sprouted up all right, but turned into choking thorny weeds and tares of destruction.  Nothing that they could eat to sustain their temporal or spiritual lives, just a harvest watered by tears of trial and crops of wood, hay and stubble to be thrown away as useless. And what despair and tears came when elderly saints finally realized they’d built their whole lives on sinking sand instead of the Rock of My Truth, Christ Jesus!  How sad, how miserable, to feel their faith collapsing like a flimsy house of cards once they realize they’ve been duped and used as cash cows by men of Belial who laughed at them behind their back for being suckers!


My people are casting their precious things before swine who greedily gobble up what’s theirs, and then turn around and rend them with disappointment and error which deals a death blow to the faith they once had in Christ.


I am heartbroken to see so many who used to love Me leave Me because some filthy liar hungry for filthy lucre lied to them and told them they had no right to any favors from Me anymore unless they opened their purse or wallet wide, or unless they took a giant leap of “faith” and borrowed on their already overstretched credit card. Hearts once aglow with childlike trust and the simplicity of holy joy turned sour and cynical because of these predatory liars and fools.  My family is being badly damaged by all the lies and deceit going on in My Name. Souls are being reclaimed by satan and destroyed because con artists painted Me as a merciless tax collector with a hard heart of stone. And the devil cackles with glee and says to such preachers of deceit: “You have served me well.”


Appeals to greed, shame and fear have been used to humiliate and bully My kids into giving “protection money” to self-appointed religious tax collectors.  More often than not, they’ll sound soft-spoken, but the implicit threat is “God is gonna dump you if you don’t cough up the cash”.  What an abomination in My sight!


Much more is at stake than empty pockets. Selling miracles in the Name of Jesus is a direct attack on the Gospel of Grace and My work of redemption within the hearts of My own dear children!  Satan is using preachers to rob My own dear ones of their precious assurance of salvation!  Men with high-tech trappings dressed in fancy silk suits are jetting around the globe passing themselves off as the religious authorities of the day, to be reverenced, believed and deferred to without question.  In their own minds, and in the minds of the gullible, they are direct intermediaries between Myself and My people.  These scripture twisters  are given more credibility than My own Son, and every teaching that comes out of their mouth is cherished more than what My Word plainly teaches. Such fools dare to stand in the place of the Lord Jesus Christ and teach that the dreadful price paid on Calvary was not sufficient to pay the entire price for your redemption from satan’s tyranny!  They make you believe that  you are redeemed by money and I require money, and you dare not approach Me without it.  How dare those vultures pick your bones clean!  I shall have My day of reckoning with those predators.


One day those who now appear the richest will stand before Me, rejected and fit only for the fire because I never knew them.  They will join Judas in that great Lake of Fire judgment.  Will their money be able to save them then?