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Little Grandma’s Grocery Money

Prov.22:16; Isaiah 56:11;Matt.15:26; Luke 16:25; John 2:13-17; James 2:5


I say to that spiritual harlot attired in pink, frilly dresses  and faring sumptuously every day: You may fool millions around the world, but I can see right through to the motives of your darkened heart. Know ye not that ye are in danger of perdition in a devil’s hell?


What depths of iniquity you and your greedy, grasping husband have sunk to in order to fill your dirty little Judas bags via the mail and over the airwaves! Well did  Isaiah  prophesy of you! Like greedy dogs, you can NEVER have enough!  You have hidden the key of knowledge and smeared My loving, merciful character in the sight of the heathen!  Far from representing My sweetness with your plastered-on smile, you have BEGUILED many like a grinning serpent and made a bitter message of grace through works slide down the throats of the gullible more easily with your anecdotes and homespun mannerisms.


Now you are begging sweet little grandmas out in TV Land to open their purses wide and send in to YOU their grocery money! That’s the absolute last straw, lady!  I say unto thee, you will never be more brazen that that!  Taking the macaroni and cheese out of some  poor senior’s mouth so you and your scheming husband can continue to dine delicately like kings!  That arouses My wrath against you as few other offenses you’ve committed have done.


Why don’t you join some poor old lady for dinner as she dines on Tender Vittles with her cats? What crass arrogance!  You pride yourself on “staying skinny for Jesus” but your gluttony exceeds every other definition of the word by a country mile.  It’s not the quantity you eat that makes you a glutton in My sight, it’s the way you beg the hungry for THEIR daily bread so you can enjoy a vastly higher QUALITY of food than they ever will!  Not to mention the richness of your wardrobe and home furnishings!  Woman, you really do sicken me with your endless appeals for sacrifice from those who can least afford it!  Where in the name of all decency is YOUR sacrifice, or are you too good to share in the same needless sufferings you demand from others?


Why should YOU and that cold, calculating fox of a husband go out to dine on fine cuisine and exquisite wines when so many “precious little grandmas” and sweet “bald-headed papas” are about to be put out on the street because you continue to pressure them to gamble away their rent and food money?  You thieves and robbers make me sick, and the stink of your sins is ascending to My Throne in heaven!


You are no different from those sour-faced Pharisees who lusted after the widows’ mites and made long, miserable prayers to be seen of men. Only, you’ve discovered that a sugary grin works a lot better to get you what you want out of na´ve people who aren’t sharp enough mentally or spiritually to see through your sick carnival act.  You two are just like the thieves at the money changers’ tables who had to be chased out of My Temple with a whip. 


The axe is laid to the tree!  Do you think I would have stood idly by and allowed criminals from the religious establishment to come and bilk My poor mother out of her bread money?  Contrary to popular belief, I was (and still am) capable of fierce wrath when it is merited.  If any religious swindler had come by My mother’s little hut and tried to bilk her out of what she needed to eat on for that day, I would have woven a whip of cords just for that one wolf and chased him away!  Woe be unto you who grind the faces of the poor and say unto them: Lie down for us, that we may cross this muddy street of life by stepping on your backs! WOE unto you!  In days to come, I shall take your bed of roses away from you and replace it with a bed of thorns! You are full now, but woe unto you, for the day shall come when you shall hunger for basic bread!  You shall pine away for “the finer things of life”.  All your fine-grained woodwork, wine cabinets, fancy suits and dresses, false eyelashes,  art treasures, dog kennels, horse ranches, fountains of fine marble, fleets of cars, jewelry, and lovely mansions will suffer the vengeance of everlasting fire, along with their unrepentant owners!


REPENT!  Sell all those lordly luxuries you’ve filched from sweating, hard-working slaves out in TV Land, and give the proceeds back to the poor!  If you persist in enjoying luxuries gained through greed, I shall appear at a time you least expect and cut you asunder with the Sword of My Mouth, along with all the other greedy hypocrites who prostitute the things of God in My Name!  I did not die just so you could accumulate more and more fancy antiques and jet all over the world to tourist traps in champagne luxury!  Remember the rich man who “in his lifetime had his good things” and how he ended up in hell?  That will be your fate too, lady, unless you renounce your wicked greed and exploitation of the poor!  My Son said: “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?  Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”  Jesus also spoke these ominous words: “Woe unto you who are rich!  For ye have already received your consolation!” So don’t be expecting any second helping of heaven in the next life if you’ve already got both hands full of ill-gotten gains in this one!


Many are fooled by your sweet, country-girl fašade and say you have to be for real!  You once were, as a child,  but look at you now!  You are nearing the last season of your earthly life in age, yet you refuse to grow up and face hard facts from My Holy Word!  The covetousness have no part in My Kingdom of righteousness.


Fire that greedy charlatan who bellows his lungs out about sin in the camp: He is a lying, two-faced hypocrite!  He’s got no right to holler about sin and eternal hell fire, when he divorced a good woman and the mother of his children just because he got tired of her and wanted a fresher face to complement HIS ministry!


That overpowering, bellicose tub of terror, like the frilly princess in the pulpit, dares to lie to others about My character by insinuating that My miracles are for sale! His god is his belly, because he loves carnal pleasures more than the knowledge of the Holy One. He has resorted to threatening viewers with a CURSE from heaven if he doesn’t get the money he wants out of them! Like Eli the High Priest who lived greedily off the fat of the Israelites’ offerings, he has dared to consume the fat of the offerings which is reserved only for the LORD!  He shall go down in the same Titanic of Terror he threatened others with unless repentance is forthcoming at this late stage of his lusty life!


And what about that prophecy teacher who bewails the sin of earth’s Last Days while he’s living in sin with wife number four? Repeated divorce and remarriage is adultery.  It is  serial polygamy, forbidden in the New Testament, where church leaders are instructed to be the husband of ONE wife only! If you want to be true to My Word and be a better witness for Christ, disregard the popularity of potential guest speakers and fire such unrepentant adulterers from your staged production! Divorce and remarriage “for every cause”  is adultery!


Stop prostituting the gospel of Christ!  And stop peddling a false man-made gospel of greed which fits your own modern culture better than the old one does! Clean up your act and stop the perpetual panhandling! Those beg-a-thons are unnecessary because you already enjoy far more wealth than you need!  Better yet, stop your show altogether until you fix the thousands of things that are wrong with it!  You are allowing outright LIES to be taught in My Holy Name, so as not to offend men of influence!  You would far rather compromise the clear teachings of My Holy Word than “create disunity” in the nominal harlot church. You fear people and their opinions far more than you fear a God you cannot see!


You spiritual harlots  have made Me look silly and ridiculous in the eyes of the world, the way you peddle that hundred-fold blessing through that slick shark sitting behind a desk!  When the deluge of dollars fails to descend from the heavens in response to countless offerings, guess Who gets the blame?  Not the shifty character in the dark suit, but  ME!  The victims of your “seed faith” scam blame the LORD, and old Sharkey blames the viewer for “sin in his life” or their alleged “lack of faith”.


It hurts me SO much to see sweet saints singing praises as they follow bad doctrine I can never endorse with My blessing.  I see so many joyfully inserting a letter with their “best offering” into a mail slot.  I can bless their motive of love toward Me, but the blessing is often limited not by their lack of faith, but by mixed motive in their hearts. Just like fungus will rot a potato crop, people’s harvest can be ruined by a spirit of gambling.  “God owes me BIG!”  That’s what’s in the back of the minds of those who have been brainwashed by the prosperity doctrine, even though that thought is whitewashed with sanctimonious sentiment .  How can I put My stamp of approval on doctrine denounced by My own Word?  Can I be false to Myself?


Proverbs 22:16 gives My clear warning about giving to the rich: He that giveth to the rich shall surely come to want.  That is why so many plunge deeper into poverty after “sowing seeds of faith”. That is why so many souls have been shipwrecked on the hard bitter rocks of disappointment and disillusionment. Those thieves and liars on TV are costing Me dearly in souls who turn sadly away from Me once the hurt hits them hard and they realize they’ve been had for a sucker. Far from being “cursed with a curse” for failure to tithe to the rich, people who violate Proverbs 22:16 by pampering the rich are the ones who fall deeper  into a pit of adversity. Those who have been convicted of the falsehood of bad doctrines but continue to adhere to them just because they are “popular”, will share in the same eternal reward of the preachers they support with their offerings! Why?  BECAUSE, LIKE A CANCER,  THOSE PREACHERS’ “MINISTRIES” WOULD DRY UP AND DIE IF MONEY, THEIR LIFEBLOOD, WERE CUT OFF FROM THEM! Those who give to such rich deceivers make it possible for them to cause even more ignorant souls to stumble in the way of righteousness!


But surely, many believe, that station or network has done SO much good and is above criticism!   Think those liars on TV have won boatloads of souls to Christ? Think again!  Many of the so-called “conversions” which result from “accepting Christ” are shallow and spurious . People nurtured on bad doctrines will desert Me once the excitement has faded away. 


That self-important faker behind the desk has even written a book about “why it’s not working”.  If Sharkey were to look in the mirror, he’d SEE the reason it’s not working!  Clever, clever.  Not only does he fool people long enough to swipe their grocery money, he makes a few dollars covering his tracks by peddling his sorry excuses in a book. Well, I have news for that so-called “expert on Biblical economics.” Why doesn’t Sharkey read his Bible and see what it REALLY says about My definition of success? Do I not define success as your being obedient to Me and finishing what I gave you to do in this earth through the life and enablement of Christ in you?  Contrary to popular teaching, I did not choose the rich of this world.  I chose the POOR to be heirs of My Kingdom!


My pure doctrine of grace has been adulterated and bastardized through countless lies about how I MUST move in power in response to “seed sown” to rich, greedy purveyors of deceit. And, worse yet, preachers holler about how I am hobbled and unable (or unwilling) to meet your need unless you send in money to help those fancy preachers on TV. But Who is sovereign in this universe?  I cannot be manipulated by deceitful doctrines of demons! I am no silly circus clown who must perform tricks to amuse the crowd.  You ONLY receive benefits of salvation through the merits of My dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!  HE HIMSELF and He alone paid for your blessings, contrary to this false casino gospel being preached today. Cursed be the misrepresentations of Scripture and the   outright lies taught on TV and peddled from countless pulpits, which  deny the all-sufficiency of My Blessed Son.  Instead, preachers plead that My blessing is contingent upon your sending in filthy lucre!


Sweet little grandmas, keep your grocery money!  Until that fat preacher gets as skinny as you are, he doesn’t need your money!  Poor people, keep your clothing money!  Until that fairy princess deceiver is just as threadbare as the poorest of the poor, she doesn’t need for poor people to send her more money for fancier clothes!  Parents, feed your children BEFORE you look for other places to invest your money!  Let the children FIRST be fed, for it is not fitting to take the children’s bread and cast it to greedy dogs! Gamblers, don’t send your money in to old Sharkey!  I don’t run a lottery casino!


As for that beady-eyed deceiver who sits writing at his big desk, let him know that the writing is already on the wall of heaven for him and his partners in crime: MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN: You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  I have numbered the days of your religious financial empire and finished it.


Thus saith the Lord unto those who are fleecing the sheep of My pasture, let them know they are only heaping up dollars for damnation in these final days before My Appearing.