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What a conniving creature
Is the profiteer TV preacher
Spinning spider webs to ensnare
Seekers of Jesus everywhere
He pulls the wool over blinded eyes
He twists the truth into blatant lies.

His road to hell is paved with gold
Chauffered by satan he rides in a Rolls
Procured with Judas' pilfered silver
His wordy witchcraft has made him richer
As souls to satan he delivers.

Oh, deliver your soul from his net
He's after all the loot he can get
The preacher promises donors will prosper
But buy his words and you'll get hurt
You'll wonder why the heavens are brass
When you plead with God these words to bless:

I am a king, I own everything
I see my need, I plant a seed
By faith I give what I need to live
To God's anointed, I won't be disappointed
A hundred fold, it's God's Word I'm told
God must repay, He's moved by my faith
My empty wallet, I'll simply call it
An abundant basket, I'll write my ticket
By faith I vow and now I'm bound
To do what I promised and God must bless it
By faith I'll borrow, be blessed tomorrow
By faith I pledge, heed my heart not my head
My credit card number I share with my brother
My gift's a big step, I'll just call my pledge
Not a debt I owe but a seed I sow
I went into debt to get God's bread
The seed for my need will help me receive
I'll sow for the harvest when my hardship is hardest
God can't be outgiven, I'll go on believin'
The force of faith is triggered today
By my sacrifice I now pay the price
For my big reward I now look to the Lord.

You cannot bind God by your own works
Presumptuous promises don't honor His Word
And adulterer's hands are snares and bands
He'll woo the unwary any way he can.

Spiritual harlots hawk the love of their god
A trusting child they can easily spot
Stay away from these whores today
All they will bring is heartache and pain
They'll rob you blind while you're asleep
They fleece the flock and scatter the sheep.

They're riding high on the highway to hell
Too proud to call upon Jesus for help
They've feathered their nest with the very best
They're plucked up by the roots, twice dead.