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A little lad of five was being dressed for church

Brad's necktie pinched his throat and his shiny new shoes hurt

Daddy, the kid cried, why must I wear a tie?

Because, his dad said, I think it's in the Good Book

Bind the sacrifice with cords as a service to the Lord

You gotta look like success, Brad, if you want to be blessed

We're the winners, son, we aren't the tail, we're the head!


In Sunday School the teacher asked the kids about success

Which Bible character, children, would you say was the most blessed?

Solomon!  Jimmy cried.  He owned lots of gold mines

He had a whole harem of wives and a herd of porcupines!

I think you used the wrong word, said the teacher

But you're right in saying King Solomon was richer

Than any other king before him or since

 If you're successful you'll live like a prince!


What about Jesus? Brad asked. Is that him in the picture?

Yes, the teacher said, but which kings in Scripture were richer?

The picture on the wall showed a bearded Man on a Cross

His torn and bleeding body wore only a loin cloth

Jimmy drew a picture of Solomon's golden crown

Brad saw only the crown of thorns upon Jesus' brow.


Did Solomon wear a crew cut too? Little Brad boldly blurted.

Did Jesus have to wear a tie to start a chain of churches?

If it's a sin to have more hair then why did Jesus wear a beard?

Was Solomon richer than Jesus? Tiny Thomas wondered

Is that why Jesus is up on the cross all uncovered?

Why is Jesus up there, teacher?  Tell us why, they cried.


Children! Children! The teacher cried. I'll tell you the reason Jesus died.

He made Himself poor to make us rich, that's why!

That's why I'm wearing such fine clothes today

When I approach people my apparel says

I'm a child of the King, I know no need

I believe I receive when I plant money seed

Dress like an exec and you'll get more respect

Believe for the best and confess you'll be blessed.


Many years later Brad rebelled

Not against Christ but the Gospel of wealth

Clad in humility Brad went on a search

To find the original meaning of church.


Brad found the real Jesus in the wilderness

Crying, The Kingdom is coming!  It's time to repent!

Cast off your spotted garments of sin

Put on My righteousness and be pure within

This world is but a sinking ship

Don't perish with blind hypocrites!

Seek that gold refined in the fire

Forsake lying vanities and come up higher

Store up treasures untainted by rust and decay

In heaven above where dwelleth only love

Be faithful always to watch and pray

I could appear for you even today



Brad broke free of the chains of the past

He'd found the truth, he was rich at last.