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God's Message to Muddy Mascara

Ezekiel 8:14; Isaiah 3:13-15, Luke 12:33-34; I Cor. 7:23; 10:31


Oh, how I detest the phony tears shed by one actress  in particular:  the fashion plate who pleads for money over the air, supposedly to fill the empty plates of starving babies around the world.


I say to Muddy Mascara: You’ve even put on war paint to break through people’s defenses. Your running eye paint has convinced many  gullible viewers your tears are for real. You have  made yourself a painted Jezebel committing spiritual harlotry with Mammon and seducing   people to give, give, give. And likewise your  husband has pronounced a terrible curse upon anyone who dares to question whether anything you teach, do, say, or permit on your program is scriptural.  That’s sorcery, plain and simple.


 You’ve psyched yourself up so well even your nose runs as you beg and plead with viewers to dig deeper   in their wallets to bless  suffering  war and famine victims.  As you show pictures of ragged children and bloated bellies you wail like a woman in mourning.  There is a choked cry in your trained voice when you say you feel guilty about your own full plate,  just knowing so many little babies are going to bed hungry every night.


Well, Muddy Mascara, why don’t you do even more to relieve their want?  How about selling off some of your surplus cars and mansions?  One or two modest homes would be sufficient to protect you from the elements.  Two or three bathrooms per mansion would be more than enough. But you have so many more. It’s certainly more than homeless people sleeping on slabs of cardboard beneath dripping doorways have!  In order for you to squander My money on such wanton luxury  somebody else   must live in abject misery.


How about a wardrobe makeover?  Off-the-rack dresses would keep you just as warm and presentable-looking as designer gowns costing thousands of dollars each. What purpose do all those diamond rings serve except to feed your fat ego? Forsake the frivolities and feed your babies.  A great many of your listeners can barely afford to shop at thrift stores or keep their kids in new shoes. 


Your pets don’t need so much pampering.  Other people’s animals endure a little austerity, so why not yours?  Sell the superfluous pedigreed pooches and ponies and use those funds to feed the babies!


How about all those expensive holidays?  Be a stalwart soldier of the cross and endure the hardness of an economy seat once in awhile.  Book a humbler hotel. Break bread at a fast food restaurant.  Buy baloney and cheese like many poor people do when travelling.


During My earthly ministry I had no certain place to lay My own head at night. I often went hungry.  I camped out under the stars and ate on the cheap. Poor travellers do the same to save on hotel bills and restaurant meals. They   take either  the bus or shoe leather express to get around town.


Cut down on cruises to the Lands of the Bible. Your excuse is you feel closer to Me by going, but you can’t fool Me. You don’t earn any extra Brownie points with Me, either,  by profiteering off the sale of group tours. Use  money saved on   first class cuisine to feed those poor  little babies who have served you so well. That’s what the loot was supposed to be for in the first place, isn’t it? Sell the yachts you purchased with ministry money  and feed the babies with the proceeds!  Better not lie to your viewers about what you’ve done with money dedicated to Me. Remember Ananias and Sapphira.


Your excuse is your so-called ministry has lots of overhead and operating costs.  You really do think you’re more privileged than My humbler children who have to work menial jobs don’t you?  There are many hard-working, poorly paid people out in TV Land who can barely scrape up the bus fare to get to work every day, while you flit around in grand style  from one dream scene to the next!


You claim it’s your own personal assets you’re spending on your extravagances, not ministry money earmarked for ministry projects.  So how can anyone find fault with doing what you will with your own?


If you were truly spiritual you wouldn’t spend so much time making whiny excuses for your chandeliers and gold fixtures.  You would confess that you are bought with My blood and YOU are not your own!  And because you are not your own, what you have is not your own, but Mine! You have no business spoiling yourself to spiritual death while millions are languishing in wretched poverty and barely able to eat!  If all the  wealthy Christians in the world acted like I was Lord of their money, My true works of charity would never want for support and  I would be glorified in all the earth as the the Love of Christ shines forth in a practical way.  Instead, all I see out of you charlatans is manipulation of hurting souls and greed, greed, greed.


You and your husband have raked in  big bucks off the coming Rapture of the Church.  But if you really and truly believed I was about to appear for you, you would sell all your surplus perks, ponies and pooches and invest the money in My Kingdom.  You would be laying up treasures in heaven, not squandering My money on  “pie in the sky”  in the here and now!  


You make me sick, pretending to be an tender-hearted angel of mercy in shiny white chiffon!  You go on strict diets to stay skinny for Jesus and keep your floaty, feminine figure for the camera.  But you have lived off the fat of the land, devouring  the donations of people who have gone without to send in more to “feed your babies”.  You fight aging with cosmetic surgery, lest your trademark angelic looks be marred by the passage of time. Some of My children are burdened with crippling medical expenses. You undergo cosmetic dentistry to keep your teeth pearly white for the camera while My poor children’s teeth rot out for lack of basic dental care. Your ponies and pooches are dearer to your heart than those hungry babies in far-off lands. They’re better fed than some of those who give sacrificially to your weepy, syrupy  pleas!


That money sent in to you by poor viewers was prayed over and consecrated as a sacrifice to My work, but you have squandered it on your own lusts. Before your hearts were corrupted I entrusted you with the money of My people because you vowed to use it to break the chains of satan’s oppression in lives around the world.  Now you are having a good laugh at My expense in your dressing room and all the way to the bank.


Well, the Lord God of Israel is not mocked. Because you were given much and squandered it on your own lusts, I will no longer favor you. I am even losing patience with the way you bend over backwards to accommodate the vilest heresies of popular teachers and lecturers, just to keep the cash rolling in.  At the expense of immature souls who swallow every word on TV as being true,  you have made money the lord of your life.


 I am fed up to the eyeballs with you!  I am nearly ready to spit you out of My mouth as a  reprobate guilty of profaning the offering of the Lord like the sons of Eli did!   You  had a pure beginning with Me, but love of money has corrupted your heart. You love it, not Me.  Now you’re just using Me to get what you want. You have turned into a leech with a deadened conscience.  Repent, Muddy Mascara, and repent quickly and publicly, or you shall suffer My chastisement.  And what shall it be?


I will repossess your luxurious estates, purchased with the tears and sweat of ordinary working folk. Instead of a big bank balance, you shall suffer devastating debt.  When you try to bail yourselves out by pleading with TV viewers to sacrifice even more, they will curse at you and tune you out.  Offerings will dry up because when people wise up to your game and stop sending in contributions, others will no longer take their place.  I have commanded a famine to strike the finances of all ministers of deceit.


Lady, your gravy train is nearing the end of the line.  I am about to topple your mighty money empire forever. You and your husband will be forced to sell your cars, jewelry, yachts, horses, and real estate just to survive and keep creditors off your back. You will have to cut up your credit cards and dismiss all your paid staff.  Even your most loyal volunteers will flee, as if from a plague. Operating expenses will no longer be met and you will be forced into bankruptcy because of your excesses. Because you soiled My Name among the heathen worldwide through your greed,  I will remove your candlestick from its place and prevent you from  being able to testify  effectually  of the Lord Jesus Christ ever again. I will simply set you on the shelf. Better that you remain silent than that you cause further damage to My Kingdom.  Repent, or you won’t even go up in that imminent Rapture that has served you so well!


When your mighty money empire crumbles you will know the frustration experienced by  true ministers of godliness who are hindered from serving Me to their fullest potential because of poverty. The remainder of your lives will be spent in tearful contemplation of what might have been if only you hadn’t strayed from the true Gospel into the paths of covetousness.