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The Lord would say unto His people that the time for tolerating the intolerable must end.  I have repeatedly shown you that the greedy wolves among you must be purged out. 
Have I not placed within you My own precious Holy Spirit Who is well able to discern the true from the false?  The only ones (temporarily) prospering from the gutter gospel of wealth are the snakes who sliter between unguarded cracks in My sheep pen and beguile the unwary.  These men (and sometimes women) offer you a shiny worthless lump of carnality which resembles gold outwardly but is, in reality, fool's gold.  The sparkle and the glitter of the false are more real to unsuspecting babes than the tried and true gold refined in the pure Holy Ghost fire.
Behold, I see a Babylonish carnival of confusion hawking its wares and calling unto the foolish to buy pretty toys laid out for sale in the big bizarre bazaar of satan.  'Love Gifts for Jesus' can be had 'for free' as a come-on to venture further into the swamp of lies which traps the gullible. The devil in religious guise enchants pilgrims who have grown weary of the true Narrow Way to Life.  Ever so gradually they veer onto little byways of error and know not that they have forsaken the Path of Life, Christ and Him crucified.
As more and more money is siphoned off my Body by leeches looking for a fun, easy lifestyle, My true works of charity and spreading the Gospel go wanting for support.  These purveyors of the gospel of greed hoard for themselves what ought to have remained in the hands of My people until I personally told them how to invest it. They fatten their faces on the finest cuisine while My people go hungry.  They wear fancy suits and drive luxury cars while so many of My children scrape pennies for beans and potatoes and ride the bus or walk.

Give, give, give, the horseleach says.  Give TO US and 'god' will bless you.  You don't receive unless you sow a seed!  But the door slams shut against that poor elderly widow with Alzheimer's who realizes she's sent in the rent money by mistake, and needs help to avoid being evicted from her shabby home. 
The professional religious con is sheltered by a thick cocoon of staff members who doctor up his mail to dupe people into thinking each cash cow is precious to him personally, and he knows them all by name.  The preacher's front men make sure he never bears the brunt of negative feedback after people reap a ruined harvest of regret for seeds sown into his racket.
But the day is fast approaching, saith the Lord, that ALL shall stand on equal footing to face the music and give an accounting to me for how they lived!  And it is then that the freeloading fisher for funds will see his big catch of cash go up in smoke!
Don't get caught in his net, My dear people.  If you have clearly been shown that a certain showy televangelist is money-hungry and loose in his handling of scripture, RUN away from him!  In time past some of you have wept and pleaded with Me to undo the ill effects of sending money in to these snakes, but if you persist in ignoring all the clear warning signs, I shall let the severe consequences remain in your life awhile longer, until you have learned not to make idols of men who play god.