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God Rebukes a Deadbeat Adulterer
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Blastit, this is GOD speaking.  Many years ago I united you in marriage with Charity, one of My dearest daughters.  Before Me, in the presence of holy angels and saints, you promised to cherish, love and protect Charity so long as you both lived.  You did fine for awhile, and Charity did her best to be patient while you were away for long periods carrying that plank of wood on your back through various nations of the world.   I blessed your ministry through the deliverance and salvation of many souls.  But your life turned out to be a mixed bag.  Your son was ill and there were many things he couldn’t do for himself.  Life wasn’t a big lark anymore.  Photo shoots and publicity write-ups are loads of fun, but it isn’t much fun to struggle to care for a handicapped kid.  It sort of cramped your style, didn’t it, Blastit?


While Charity stayed home doing all the stuff that wasn’t fun and exciting, you found a little extra excitement of your own in the person of Delilah,  a sexy blond who  didn’t bring any inconvenient “baggage” with her. Why tie yourself down to a tired, work-weary first wife when you could have a swingin’ time with a blond bombshell?  How fun it was for you when you divorced that poor daughter of mine, so heavy-laden with the burden of caring for seven kids and having to go out to work as well! Not even a wild dog would shirk its responsibilities like you did!


Now you were a single guy again, able to “make a new beginning” with your cheap tart, who didn’t give a hoot that she was a homewrecker.  Not once have you repented of this foul deed.  Not one tear or even one considerate thought for Charity, who was forced to quit being a full-time caregiver for YOUR son and  had to go out slaving at a secular job, wondering how she could afford baby-sitting for her family while she was away. Not to mention when she got home there were dishes to do, clothes to wash, homework to help the children with, and multitudes of other bone-wearying tasks.


While Charity cried herself to sleep at night you partied away with your Jezebel whore, smiling pretty for the cameras so everyone could SEE what a wonderful Crusader for Christ you were. Go ahead, you two-faced hypocrite apostate.  Go round the world carrying that wooden carnival cross to attract more attention to yourself.  But the LORD will end up paddling you with it when you stand before Me at the believers’ judgment.  I said in My Holy Word that if any man provide not for his own house, he is an INFIDEL AND HAS DENIED THE FAITH!  It is not lawful for you to live with Delilah as her husband.  She too will face the LORD’S wrath at Christ’s Second Coming unless she repents. You left behind a trail of tears as you traveled the world carrying your cross.  I will NEVER bless your second marriage.  It was an act of betrayal to the Christ within Charity’s heart as well as an evil act of adultery, and the passage of time will never change that.  Jesus said in Mark 10:11 that whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else, commits adultery against his wife.


Blastit, how did satan fill your heart to take this blond beauty and lavish on her the love and attention your wife EARNED through years of faithful service?  You perverse idiot, don’t you realize My daughter went down into the Valley of Death seven (7) times to bear your children, enduring pain, bloating, and bleeding to bring forth your little ones?  She went without restful sleep to care for all those precious kids.  Charity deserved better than you, you scoundrel. Maybe her figure isn’t like Delilah’s  and that’s the reason you couldn’t control your hormones when you met this wily woman.  But that’s no excuse for ditching your family.   Any dog can beget offspring. But it takes real dedication to sacrifice yourself for your children’s welfare.  That’s the kind of cross I asked of you, Blastit, not some stupid wood two-by-four on wheels!


The heaviest burdens Charity ever bore weren’t her repeated pregnancies, or even the troubles caused by her son’s illness.  YOU put the heaviest burdens on her back.  YOU broke this dear woman’s heart.  Because you broke her heart, I’ll break your heart too, Blastit.  I’ll send comfort, deliverance and relief to this poor woman who had to go out to work a back-breaking job while you made love to your blond whore.  But after I lift Charity’s burdens I won’t keep them.  I’ll put them on YOUR back and cause you to suffer all the misery you put on her, seven times over.  If you don’t repent, I’ll put you and your Jezebel adulteress mistress on a bed of sickness instead of pleasure and put you through great tribulation (Rev.2:22).  You and that whore Delilah will suffer the fate of all who commit spiritual adultery against Me by denying My Word.


Blastit, you are an ADULTERER and a DEADBEAT DAD. Not only are you a backslider on his way to hell, you’re pulling OTHERS into hell with you who would otherwise be saved.  Instead of walking your talk, you think it’s enough to drag that rotting plank of wood with you wherever you go.  Through your conduct  you have made My Holy Name a reproach among lost sinners who see in you the perfect excuse for rejecting Jesus as Savior. You are an utter disgrace to My Kingdom! I’m not at all impressed with your cheesy smiles done for the camera to convince the world how holy you are! Delilah convinces herself that since she’s helping with your “ministry” that whitewashes her filthy sin. Unless you two repent and start living according to that Bible you preach, the day will come when you both shall appear in My Presence whining for mercy.  You’ll talk about all the souls you won with the so-called sinner’s prayer  (how long did they STAY saved?)and all the people that (allegedly) got healed by your traveling ministry.  Know how I’ll respond?  Depart from Me, you hypocrite and worker of evil, into dense darkness and everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels (Matt.7:22-23).


Satan has deluded you into thinking life will go on forever and there’s no need to worry about your judgment day. You care more about what people think that what your former Savior thinks. Fame and celebrity have ruined you and seduced you away from the simple love you had for me as a little boy.  You’re a fence-straddler who wants to taste the forbidden luscious fruit of sin while still claiming to be a soul-winner for Jesus. You make Me sick to My stomach and I am ready to vomit you out (Rev.3:16). Either repent right now or the day will come you are cast into outer darkness with other infidels who have denied the faith.  Moreover, I will put on your body the strain and the weariness your long-suffering first wife has borne since you left her. If you reject My warning to repent of all these sins you’ve committed against Me and your first family  I will take away the glitz and glory of your self-obsessed “ministry” and write ICHABOD over your life as My Spirit departs in disgust from you forever.