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Yes, the Lord says, greedy preachers have sucked the life out of poor Christian believers long enough.  Now hear the message I preached through Ezekiel in Chapter 34: Know ye that I am  going to deliver My flock out of the hand of ministers who foul the pure waters with their feet. I will deliver My lambs out of the hand of those who have ruled over them with rigor.  With force and with cruelty have wolves in sheep’s clothing ruled over My elderly saints and My weak and infirm ones, demanding that they give, give give like the daughter of the horseleach (Proverbs 30:15) which sucks the lifeblood and vitality out of her host. 


Self-appointed tribute agents have exacted more than their rightful due.  And what are the dues My people owe them?  Only to love one another with a selfless love which cares for the welfare of their brother and sister (Romans 13:8).  That is my commandment, that you owe no man anything except to love them.  When fraudsters brainwash My people into believing that they owe them a tenth of their sweat and labor, they bring them into terrible bondage by teaching an evil lie contrary to My Word: that they DO owe their prominent religious figures more then just love. They owe them tribute!  Tribute such as an imperious, haughty king might collect off his serfs. Days before the slave’s paltry paycheck is hot off the press, ministers of deceit view their brother or sister as already being in debt TO THEM to fork over ten per cent of it.   Thus they bring My people, whom I have called to be a Chosen Nation and a Royal Priesthood, back into the degradation and slavery of Egypt.  And these wicked Pharaohs in fancy suits will not decrease the tale of bricks their slaves must deliver to them whenever that damnable tribute bag is passed around in My Name!


Week after week after week, sometimes two or three times weekly that accursed Judas bag makes its rounds at what you call "church".  My people get no sabbath rest from it.  In the Old Testament I gave my people an entire year off from tithing every seventh year, which was the Sabbath Rest of the Land.  And even when they did tithe, it was only during one season per year, not this regular sucking off the labor of poor people as goes on today, to rob the very bread out of their mouths. Greedy preachers of the Gospel of Get have, like Judas, sold their Lord out for a bagful of cash.


Were the tithes not taken from the Land to feed the poor?  But today’s tithes are taken from the sweat of the poor person’s brow to make the rich richer.  I am nauseous from hearing thousands of sermons on "tithing", and hardly any on what it means to belong to My Royal Nation of Priests.  Did the priests of ancient Israel tithe off their labor, or were tithes brought in to feed them instead? And just who ARE My anointed priests except My whole nation of born-again believers in Christ? Who do these conmen and crooks think they are, demoting the "common" believer to a peon, so as to exalt themselves as lords over My inheritance to rob them and steal the very bread from their mouths?


I am indignant toward the craftiest snakes of all: those who exploit the unpardonable sin to plunder the paychecks of poor saints.  So I struck Ananias and Sapphira dead for not tithing? That’s news to Me!  I killed those two for lying to the Holy Spirit, saith the Lord, not for non-tithing.  Those deceivers of darkness know they’re lying in the pulpit and over the airwaves and the Internet.  They are like a criminal assailant who whispers sweet nothings into the ear of a woman as he ravishes her.  He does it politely and with polished speech, but just the same he has violated her, just as much as if he had used foul language while doing it.  He has taken the most precious things she had: her dignity, her peace and her sense of worth.  My Bride the Church is sick and tired of being told I will do thus and thus to them if they don’t pay protection money to the thief in the pulpit. They are sick of being held ransom to ceaseless demands for tribute money.  I am going to thunder against ministers of deceit from the highest heavens demanding an accounting from these overlords as to what they’ve done with My people’s blood money.  So many have gone without heat in the winter, done without dental care, done without proper nutrition, done without new clothes, just to make life easier for their overbearing masters.  Well, I am about to roar in My indignation and put an end to all the thievery going on in My Holy Name, which has been made a reproach by reprobates and lost sinners who have watched the antics of fishers for funds on TV.  I am going to silence forever those lying conmen who wave a Bible behind the pulpit calling down My retribution upon people who don’t dump their life savings into their so-called "ministry”. When they stand before Me at the Judgment, they will see themselves in My mirror for what they are: greedy dogs which can never have enough (Isaiah 56:11). And in that dread day, they shall stand naked and exposed in the sin they strove to cover up with flowery religious speech.  Unclad in the Holiness of My Son, they will be found to be castaways fit only for the fire (I Cor. 9:27; II Cor. 2:1-3; Phil. 3:18-19; Heb. 6:8).


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