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Stop the Thievery Going On in My House


Oh, the robbery going on today in the name of  the Lord Jesus Christ! And it is taking place in the midst of My people where I said I would make My own dwelling.  True, money is being exacted out of people through misapplication of Scripture, but something even more important is being taken from them: My peace, my rest, and the knowledge of just who they are in Christ.  In place of the stolen spiritual blessings, a deadly snare of deceit is being laid for their feet to lure them into an abyss of demonic bondage to a defunct system of Law.


Peace and joy in believing that salvation rests solely upon a believer’s faith in Christ is being replaced with threats of hell and divine retribution for withholding carnal cash. Provisions of the old Mosaic Law are being twisted and spun into a sticky spider’s web of deceit to ensnare saints who lack the courage to investigate the claims their religious leaders make on their personal resources.  Money has replaced crops and livestock as a tithable commodity.  Gentile preachers have replaced the sons of Aaron as tithe-takers, but not at My command.  A house of brick and mortar, financed by the sweat and toil of poor people, has replaced the Temple granary where the tithes and firstfruits of the Israelite people were stored to feed the hungry.  Feeding the hungry has been replaced by pampering the preacher and his entourage of “inner-circle” leadership. The priesthood of all believers has been replaced by an unscriptural “clergy-laity” divide in My congregations, to facilitate the fleecing of the flock to gratify the avarice of the wolves in My midst.


I hear the howling of those carnal wolves in sheep’s clothing: “Give to GOD or He’ll take it out of your hide some other way!  Ten per cent is the very LEAST you could give to show your love for Jesus!  And don’t forget the pastor’s birthday appreciation offering!  Don’t forget your own birthday offerings, children!  Save up that change and put it in this can and we’ll all sing you a song!  Better yet, go sell “chances” for a big prize, to raise money for this or that church fund!  Don’t be selfish!  Put this church first!”


Who’s really being selfish?  My people offer desperate prayers when their rent is past due, or when they can’t afford the dentist and their tooth hurts.  I see the tossing and turning going on at night because the preacher’s tithe had to be paid before the utility or rent bill.  Once the chickens come home to roost from bad teaching, and the “harvest” fails to come in time,  where is the tithing teacher when it hurts?  Usually, all he or she  is willing to offer the “pew Christian” is prayers, because it doesn’t cost anything to mouth a quick prayer! Sacrifice is just fine, so long as it hurts somebody else.  My people are being nailed to miniature crosses with spikes of iron by those who preach that My own sacrifice was not enough.  I said in My Word I hate oppression and robbery.  Cruel teachers will not let their captives off their crosses of sacrificial pain long enough to discover that they are truly free in Christ, to live, not just to give.


The horseleach has two daughters which cry, Give, give.  It pains Me that it’s the poor worshipper who has to take the consequences for applying deceitful doctrine to a life I have redeemed by My own blood. It’s the victim of the teaching who suffers first, long before the teacher is punished for his robbery.


Oh, what peace is forfeited by those who are persuaded to vow that they’ll keep the preacher’s tithing law, or do this or that to “prove their love” for Me.  My grace fades into the background and works takes over, as a cruel taskmaster instead of a merciful Father and Lord.  The joy of being a son or daughter of Mine is sucked into a whirling vortex of turmoil as many moan within themselves: “I forgot to tithe that money.  What if I can’t pay “the LORD” back in time before He punishes me?” What if I can’t make it to that witnessing rally this Thursday?  What if I can’t, or don’t…?”


Works, works, WORKS! Only lip service is given to the gospel of grace in some churches.  I detest carnal works which devour time, money, and resources which could be used to show compassion to the needy or to further the spread of the true gospel of salvation. I hate the luxuries purchased with tithe money and “freewill” offerings exacted through clever craftiness. I hate the new cars, fancy suits, art treasures, jewelry, vacations and beautiful apparel purchased with money filched from My people.  All these rotten rags of spiritual poverty I abhor, and they are destined for destruction in the Tribulation.


I must apply healing balm to many wounded sheep who have been driven out into the wilderness and have no “church home”.  The true church is My universal Body of Believers who are one in My Spirit of Love.  Local expressions of My body are very important, but the church is not an organization of men.  The church is not a Jesus fan club selling tee-shirts, tapes, C.D.s. books, and other paraphernalia. The church is not a beautiful building constructed by MEN.  My beautiful church is My people, period. 


In these Last Days it is My purpose and My ardent desire to replace what has been stolen from your life by satan, that great lover and exploiter of religion.  My people need to know that they are joint-heirs with Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places.  My people need to know they are part of My New Covenant priesthood and owe tithes to NO man!  They need to know that NO man has the right to hold their peace and joy in believing up to ransom. 


My Temple, the Body of Christ, has been looted by thieves and robbers long enough.  Now the axe is laid to the tree.  Every ministry which brings forth bad fruit shall be chopped down.  If the fruit of the Spirit is absent in a preacher, he will hate and resent the fact that My people are equal in importance to himself. Such a wicked man or woman will do their very worst to wrest Scripture to prove they have a right to rob the church. They will usurp MY place as Lord over My flock, to beat My sheep and rob them of spiritual as well as material treasures.


I am coming very soon.  Even now I am leading My people away from hirelings who harass and hurt My flock.  I am teaching them Myself, through breathing an anointing of My Spirit to quicken My written Word.  I am bringing together people who have caught the same vision of liberty in Christ, that they might build one another up in the true faith and unity of the Spirit of Love in Christ.