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Satan's Infernal Revenue Service
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Satan's Infernal Revenue Service
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Satan's Infernal Revenue Service

Isaiah 56:11; Prov.22:16; Hosea 4:6; I Tim.6:5,10


I received a short newsletter in the e-mail which taught that we must not love money more than God.  True, so far.  It went into a shortlist of things we shouldn't love more than God.  What stuck out like a sore thumb was the writer's assertion that we should never say: We can't give money to God because we must feed our kids! 


What shameful religious chicanery!  It doesn't take a high I.Q. to figure out the possible motivation behind that statement. Such a tactic appeals to people's sense of guilt and lets them know that if they feed their kids before they pay the preacher, they don't really love the Lord very much.


This article begs a question, too: When we give money to "God", does the Lord of Hosts up in the Heavenlies reach down His hand to take it because He is so poor He is about to go bankrupt?  Does it not, rather, end up in some MAN'S bank account to fund the projects (or pleasureable things) which are dear to him?  Isn't it just as legitimate to give to the Lord by giving alms to the poor as He leads?  There is much more teaching in the New Testament about giving to the poor than to the preacher, though both forms of giving are Scriptural and sometimes necessary.


What constitutes giving to the Lord?  Many take that to mean the act of givng only to professionally trained pulpit ministers.  People are insidiously taught  that the giving we do to our own loved ones and friends is an incidental expense and does not count toward giving to the Lord.  But if anyone supposes our own Christian families and friends don't count as being in the Lord, that is flawed theology.  Nowhere in the New Testament do you find the Body of Christ divided into clergy and laity, though each member has different gifts and callings (Rom.12:3-8).


When we feed our children, we minister also to the Lord, for whenever we do something kind for the LEAST of these His brethren, we do it also unto Him (Matt.25:31-46).. Let the children FIRST be filled, not after some professional preacher's pet projects have been financed.  It is not meet (fitting) to take the children's bread and give it unto the building fund, a new steeple, etc. (principle based on  Mark 7:27).  Jesus taught the Pharisees that it is wrong to take money which ought to have gone toward feeding elderly parents and dedicate it to the Temple (Mark 7:10-13). Preachers today liken the Jewish Temple to the brick and mortar sheep shed where Christians congregate on Sunday.  But just what IS the Temple of the New Covenant?  God’s true Temple is built of living stones (I Peter 2:5). It is comprised of the whole Body of Christ's believers, not just the so-called clergy (Eph.2:18-22).


Jesus says in Matthew 10:42 that even if you give a cup of cold water to one of His little ones who believe in Him, you in no wise lose your reward!  How shameful, that the idea is conveyed today in Christendom that only money counts as giving, and even then such giving is only acknowledged by God when it goes directly into the treasury of the institutional church.


Countless old ladies in America have dined on cat food in order to provide luxuries for TV preachers. And like a snake charmer, many smooth-talking preachers mesmerize their listeners into complying with them.  The most beautiful religious lies are told to pry money out of God's poor people.


Alms were taken up in the New Testament mainly to feed the POOR, not construct new buildings.  If any man provide not FOR HIS OWN HOUSE, he is counted as worse than an infidel who has denied the faith (I Tim.5:8). When people feel forced to give to professional ministers FIRST to the point of neglecting their own hungry families, they are being forced to be "worse than an infidel". Whoever DELIBERATELY instills guilt in  Christians who feed their families first, so as to re-channel that money unto themselves, also falls into that category.


The Lord spoke this word to me on forced religious giving:


My heart is grieved by the mass exodus from the church of people who truly love me and can take no more pressure to give until it hurts. Many are so blinded by their tears of frustration that they not only desert the institutional church but keep their distance from anything which even remotely resembles true commitment to Christ.  In their bewildered minds they cannot discern the difference. Why?  These former followers of Mine were brainwashed and hoodwinked into casting their bread upon the waters so they could wait many, many days for their shipload of fruit to come in for seed sown. 


Well, I cannot put My seal of approval upon error, even when that error is obeyed out of ignorance. My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge of the truth. He who gives to greedy dogs who can never have enough shall sink into the despair of deeper darkness and poverty.  So many of My people found that their ship sank long before it reached the happy shore of fulfilment of their desires.  But deception is like an intoxicating drug.  You swear that you have had your very last fix and will take no more, but so many lack the courage to break free of error. It is a binding spirit of deception which holds My people in grievous bondage. Multitudes of disappointed Prosperity devotees are told to wait for the next wave to come in, then the next and the next.  Perhaps next month, maybe next year, Scripture-twisters say, I will pour out blessings from heaven too numerous to count, if only those poor souls will keep on tithing out of their poverty and cheerfully do without the things they and their children need daily.


Those who cannot be persuaded to continue giving to satan's infernal revenue agents without visible reward are bound to their masters through other means.  Threats issue from the pulpit that I will punish those who refuse to surrender to their teachers a tenth of their earned income or other monetary assets. Marinated in error, saints are brainwashed into associating Me, their loving Heavenly Father, with Pharaoh, who would not relent on the daily quota of bricks his overworked slaves must deliver.  Only eternity will tell the heartbreak, emotional trauma and family feuds which are directly attributable to being taught a flawed, demonic concept of my nature and My relationship to My beloved Bride, the Church. Such crafty peddlers of lies who oppress my people skate on a very thin line which borders on blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because their slanderous sermons on giving impugn my character and rob Me of reputation as a God of perfect love.


Guilt-ridden saints fear to approach My Presence anymore, because they are taught that you must never appear before God empty.  Yet those same unscrupulous prosperity teachers who teach you to come before Me with both hands full sometimes teach that you can only receive from Me if you hold out empty hands to receive!  Why the inconsistency?  To deny My all-sufficiency in presenting you guiltless before God the Father is to blaspheme against the precious offering of My Blood upon the heavenly Altar and to call it an inadequate offering on your behalf. 


Just as sharks can smell blood a mile away, so those greedy infernal revenue agents can smell money from afar.  So they hold infernal revenue services geared toward buttering up the congregants and getting them to open wide their purse strings, much more than their hearts, supposedly to Jesus. 


These sleazy snakes are not My representatives anymore than Judas was my representative after he betrayed Me.  And in My sight, they are every bit as bad because they have sold out My reputation in the sight of men for a bag of filthy lucre.


Those who know the real truth but hide it beneath a bushel basket in order to profiteer from the childlike innocence of babes in Christ, such shall suffer the greater damnation in the Day of Judgment, saith the Lord unto His Beloved Bride the Church.  So do not cater to their lusts, and do not bow down before them as Baal lords.  For most assuredly I have not sent these infernal revenue agents to bleed you dry.


Satan has.