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The Apostate Church is Doomed
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The Apostate Church is Doomed


The Lord declares that the days of the whore church are numbered.  She has played an enticing tune to enchant and bewitch My beloved saints into her coffers. She has bought and sold the souls of men for money.  She has devoted her soul to filthy gain like a harlot sells her favors to the highest bidder.


Bedecked in gold and gorgeous trappings, this vile wench has spread out her glittery fingers to the simple and the gullible, saying: I am rich and full of glory and stand in need of nothing.  Come unto me, that I might thrill you with cheap entertainment, that I might bewitch you with repetitious choruses and sweet songs (vain repetitions of men), designed to “bring you into the presence of God”.  The true goal of the crafty is not My glory, but to alter your consciousness so you’ll gladly lay more money on their altars of greed.


Once your resistance and discernment have been deadened through the power of music and soft lighting and even softer voices, and you  have fully fallen under the spell of this evil adder in white vestments, you are ready to be stripped of your dignity and your livelihood.   You are told that you are slaves to this Jezebel in the pulpit, to sweat and to toil on her behalf to lay treasures of gold at her feet.


Jezebel says “I AM Lord and none else!  If there is any other God in heaven or earth, He lives only in me, and on His behalf I take His offering to beautify the place of His glory. 


Consider the beautiful edifices of men constructed to enchant and attract the masses to follow like sheep to enter through her doors.  Beautifully carved and tinted glass, towering spires, fine-grained oak, cushy carpets, gorgeously appointed rooms with the latest technology.  While millions starve for want of the basic Bread of Life, Jezebel entertains her suitors within the walls of her beautiful bordello of greed, sold out to satan under cover of the Cross of Christ.


Judas sold Me for thirty pieces of silver.  Others who claim to represent Me sell Me for billions of dollars every year, via TV telethons, empowerment books, seminars, tapes, CD’s, and especially taxing the poor from the pulpit. These greedy leeches fatten their flesh with the finest while poor donors go hungry to make sacrifices to their detestable Jezebel harlot religious system. 


The simple see only the gorgeous temple, richly built and constructed of the finest materials.  They see not the rotting foundation of the Institutional Church, which is being eaten by maggots and the worms which die not.  The false church system is falling down because her foundations are of wood, hay and stubble, ready to be burnt in fires of eternal judgment.  Only the wise perceive the fire I have prepared for the judgment of the evil church harlot system upon earth. The wise will flee.


During the  Great Tribulation, the evil harlot church will be found to have blood on her hands.  The blood of those she has actually murdered for gain.  The prayers of martyred saints in heaven will move My hand to begin to pour out My vials of terrible wrath upon this witch of hatred and deceit. 


Consider, My people, just what the true ecclesia, or assembly of the saints of the Living God is. My Body  is a union of the Spirit among the members in love, a mutual caring one for another’s needs seven days a week. You meet together for the express purpose of building up one another in the Spirit of Love, not to construct the dreams of men.  You share the life of the Living Christ within you, that the Living Christ might be fully manifested through the life of all the members of His Body in power and glory, to the praise and glory of God the Father. Spiritual overlords seek only their own glory.  Their concern is not truly the praise of the God in heaven, but to promote their OWN personal progress and praise.


Come out of every false System of Men, for they are appointed not to glory, but to eternal destruction.


Warn, warn warn, others of the Wrath to Come, for it is almost here, saith the Lord.