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Prophetic Word to Moneyman

Matthew 6:24; Revelation 2:22


The Lord was looking on when a certain man was publicly disgraced in church for not being a tither. In the presence of  thousands of witnesses, he and a few other hapless souls were pointed at and accused of being a hindrance to My “blessing” on their church


Behold, saith the Lord, My indignation is kindled against that pastor who proudly bears the name of his idol.  Moneyman cares not that he has driven away souls and alienated them from Me. He is not in business to serve Me, but to be served by souls whom he has deluded.  As he makes his superstar entrance, he shrinks from the touch of ordinary congregation members.  I touched even lepers.


Woe, woe, woe to this man who traffics in lies.  Moneyman has taught his congregation to shun those who do not render the degree of tribute he demands.  Emboldened by his evil example, his “successful” disciples boast of endless sunny days, even as they despise those about them who are enduring trials.  Saints who haven’t yet caught the gravy train are treated as second-class Christians or even backsliders.


Moneyman boasts that he “reigns in life with Christ Jesus.” Truly he reigns as king of a vast congregation of thousands.  His dominion extends over the airwaves of  a vast nation, and even reaches its tentacles around the world.  But he’s not reigning with ME. It is his own shady kingdom he’s promoting, not mine.  But My Kingdom shall prevail over his, and he shall not reign with Me.


Moneyman might be jetting around in champagne luxury, but he can’t afford a ticket on My Rapture plane to Glory.  If he fails to repent, he will be earthbound when I call My loved ones home in the Rapture.  He already has his portion.


Moneyman  might possess a palatial mansion now, but the day will come when he will be driven out of town by  people whom he  milked and bilked, fleeced and skinned prior to the Rapture; souls who ought to have been taught the bedrock truths of salvation, but were not truly converted. His days of “heaven-on-earth” are surely numbered.  He will have no certain dwelling-place where he may lay his head, for he will then be fleeing as a fugitive from agents of the Antichrist.  All his mercs and perks will be gone forever.


Moneyman has urged his followers to fast often to “save his ministry”.  All the while, he has stuffed himself with the finest cuisine which his beloved money can buy. But during the terrible Tribulation days he will have to forage for scraps. He will be unable to buy even a can of beans to satisfy his hunger.  The Antichrist will require more than cash for food_he will require souls.  Moneyman will weep and howl over the powerlessness of his filthy lucre to buy an easy fix to his problem. He will beg Me to take him to heaven too.  But I will not answer his prayer.


Moneyman has often gloated that he’s getting his pie right now, and I’ll still have to serve him dessert in heaven.  He’s glad he isn’t one of those “losers” who will have to wait till they’re in Glory to get their share. And he boasts to himself that even if I do end up scolding him roundly for his chicanery at the Believers’ Judgment Seat, that he will have had his fun and I can never take that away from him.  But My wrath is  nothing to be toyed with. When he does stand before Me, he will escape damnation only by the skin of his teeth, and only if My Spirit of Grace has granted him repentance. The sweetness of his ill-gotten gains  will turn to ashes in his mouth and bitterness in his inward parts. Martyrdom may be his lot if he doesn’t first end up surrendering his soul to Antichrist, for precious few will survive the Great Tribulation days.


It would be an unspeakably great mercy if I forgave Moneyman for abusing My grace in such an abominable way. He has flagrantly insulted Me and made My Name a joke among lost souls; precious souls who, thanks to him, might never repent and escape eternal damnation.  How presumptuous this end-time hypocrite  is!  “Once-saved-always-saved,” he chortles. “That’s my ace up my sleeve.” And:  “It sure does pay to ‘serve Jesus’!  Man, he’s the hottest thing going, better than pushing dope on the streets!”  What vile, wicked presumption on My grace! Satan has deceived many by means of such crafty snakes!


Those of you who have been bitten by such a one, stay well away from such practitioners of darkness, for I do not endorse them, neither is My blessing upon  them. Their kingdom is not My Kingdom! Know that it was not I who censured you, and insulted your dignity as a child of God.  Come back to Me, for I love you.  I died to save you.  I cannot bear to think that I have lost you forever!