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My church is gripped in a Babylon of religious confusion, saith the Lord.  My people have grown bored with the solid meat of the Word, So few men have the fortitude or the consecration to preach the full counsel of their God, because faithfulness to My Word is not politically correct anymore. My people crave excitement and unscrupulous preachers are willing to give it to them.  They preach not Christ but themselves and their so-called success formulas, pointing to their own miserable, spiritually impoverished lives as beacons of success. And all My people can see is the visible earthly gold adorning the fingers outstretched to take more treasure from needy souls who can barely sustain themselves.


Hawkers of the latest foolish fads get up in pulpits and entice the needy and the greedy to part with their hard-earned dollars in order to “get more of the spirit”.  WHICH spirit?  Even the magician Simon Magus in the Book of Acts supposed that the power of God could be bought with money.  Peter rebuked the greedy magician for this.  Simon ought to have known better. He had just made a profession of faith in Christ and been water baptized into the faith.  But Simon had not yet matured sufficiently to know the difference between right and wrong in certain key areas of discipleship.  Greed is not godliness.  Nearly two thousand years later, the razzle-dazzle  doctrine of Simon Magus is still being taught as gospel truth by hucksters too lazy to work for their own living with their own two hands. Hocus-pocus preachers sell the sizzle and the smoke, but where’s the beef? For all the hyped-up publicity about miracle services, people still go home poor(er) and sick, just like they came in.   Preachers no longer worry about the absence of GENUINE signs and wonders from My hand.   They’re just happy if they get a few folks screaming, dancing and crying, just so long as a few precious dollars are thrown their way before these “spiritually drunk” suckers get sober enough to drive home.


In this time of economic recession I look down from My high holy heaven and what do I behold?  Grinning cartoon characters pleading for more, more MORE cash, and putting a guilt complex on people I have redeemed by My own precious blood and declared righteous through faith alone.  These evil snakes say hard economic times are no excuse to withhold your cash from “god”!  Their conscience is so deadened by satan that it doesn’t bother them at all that their victims will go hungry or get their power cut off while they themselves live in sinful luxury.


My people, think about it.  Are you so blinded by their deceit that you see these wicked preachers as being GOD?  Giving to God?  Where does your money really end up?  Just look at their fine clothes and jewelry, the planes and cars, mansions and other treasures.  Do you seriously think these evil snakes who claim to be My middlemen use your donations to send a Western Union Moneygram clear up to heaven so I can use the tax revenue to build My Kingdom?  Do preachers hand your loot over to Gabriel or Archangel Michael so they can fly it up here by Angel Airmail?  What use would I, LORD of an utterly perfect heaven, have for dirty, devalued dollars here in My heavenly treasury, where treasures NEVER lose their value?  All you can deposit up here in My heavenly bank are the righteous acts of the saints performed out of Christian charity.


And as for “faithful” giving out of your need to those who DON’T need it at all, haven’t you ever read Matt.17:25-26 where Christ plainly teaches Peter that the children of My heavenly kingdom are free of religious taxation?  FLEE from these wicked tax collectors!  Don’t be around when I deal severely with them.  The day will come when a fire from heaven will try the treasures they’ve extorted from you, and it will not pass the test of judgment fire but will be as wood, hay and stubble.  Then what will that exalted teacher or preacher have left for a heavenly reward?  I can have compassion on the ignorant.  But those preachers who know full well that they’re thieves and robbers and are DELIBERATELY pulling off this con job should shake head to toe and worry that they’ll not only lose out on eternal rewards for service, but lose their own souls on that dread day when I say to many: Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity.  I never knew you!


Those howling wolves have gotten My ignorant people so stirred up with fear, guilt and greed over giving that I see little old ladies rush up to megachurch (BEG-A-CHURCH) altars to sacrifice their bread money by laying it down on the richly carpeted steps leading up to the preacher’s podium. 


That’s no altar!  The only altar I recognize is the spiritual altar in a believer’s heart where SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES ONLY are made (I Pet.2:5), and the great altar in heaven where the prayers of the saints are poured out.  NOT ONCE in the Bible do I ever command money to be poured out as a “sacrifice” on any altar.  The altar was a place where imperfect penitent men met with a perfect God seeking reconciliation and offering sacrifice to gain forgiveness for sins.  Christ has already offered up Himself ONCE for your justification.  It is an insult to Me and to My Son to throw your money down on some “altar” because some preacher threatens you with hell for being “stingy”.  The underlying truth is this: an ANTICHRIST spirit is at work in megachurches which pressure poor people to give sacrificially to “God”.  Antichrist means “instead of” Christ.  These snakes in sheep’s clothing gladly receive money given to “God” and it goes no further than themselves.  So guess who you REALLY gave to?  That man in a fancy suit might THINK he’s god, but he’s only fooling himself, and you.  Such a mean-spirited greedy preacher is actually guilty of one of the ugliest spiritual sins possible: passing himself off as your god and your lord.


As for being stingy, two can play at that game.  Why should you be held to a higher standard than the rich guy in the pulpit?  Next time you’re out of work, just try and ask that kingpin pastor for a measly loan.  Not a big, no-strings-attached gift, just a tiny amount of money so you can eat till you get back on your feet.  Most likely you’ll hear a big howl from this wolf in sheep’s clothing about how greedy you are, and it isn’t their business to shell out cash, just take it up. 


The party’s almost over for those devious, lying freeloaders posing as holy men and women claiming to represent Me.  For all their sanctimonious babble  about the blood of Jesus, guess what?  They’re misusing any mention of My blood to try to whitewash the filthy tomb of their dead, hellish doctrines. Yes, that’s right.  I see so many carnal BEG-A-CHURCHES as whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones.  So many fragile souls have died spiritually or been prevented from coming to the REAL Jesus because they’ve been so badly burnt by these greedy snake oil salesmen in fancy suits looting My sheepcote.


The real life blood of the beg-a-church ministry is green, not red. Money feeds the monster devouring My sheep.  If Christians ever wake up and discover that there is NO middleman between themselves and Christ (I Tim.2:5), they’d keep their money in their pocket till I told them to share with the truly needy, not the greedy, and those evil tares in My field would dry up from the roots and die.


Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will eventually be uprooted and cast into the fire to be burnt, along with every altar of Baal still standing in these darkened days of deception.