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Foxes in the Hen House

Isaiah 59:5; Jude 3


Sly creatures, that’s what greedy televangelists are.  They press just the right buttons to activate people’s religious sentiment, to get them to lower their guard and let the fox into the henhouse.


They used to be content to eat a few of the eggs, now they are devouring the chickens that laid them, saith the Lord.  False religion doesn’t just rob the gullible, but it can lead them down the path to perdition by causing them to fall from grace, because in looking unto your own good works (so-called) or giving, you automatically cease to rely exclusively upon My crucified Son to maintain  you as righteous in My sight.  Your salvation is not made more secure by opening wide your pocketbook, as many would lead you to believe.  You do not lead souls into My Kingdom by buying a new Ferari for Brother Fleshpot with the big wide grin, fancy suit and bouffant hairstyle. 


It’s bad enough the eggs have been stolen from the henhouse, but the chickens have been made ill by the feed ministered to them, and viper's eggs have been laid in their place through the minstry of lies. And it isn't long before the tiny little snakes creep up in the congregation, speaking lies with their forked tongue for gain.


Spiritual and emotional destruction and confusion are left behind by those who make a quick buck by perverting My Word, then run off the leave the deceived to suffer further consequences of their gross error.  Anguished saints continually ask Me, “Why, Lord, don’t You respond like brother so-and-so promised me You would?  Why am I still poor and sick after the bushels of money I've sown into his/her ministry? Don’t You even honor Your own Word anymore?”


Well, it’s not My business to endorse doctrinal perversions spun out of My pure Word.  I cannot be less than true to Myself and what I meant to impart through Holy Scripture.


And how did the fox get into the henhouse in the first place?  Little by little.  The fox disguised himself in white sheep's wool.  Then little by little he snuck his way in through unguarded crevices when the watchmen of the Church became less vigilant because they focused on the glittery new toy of prosperity.  Satan knows you all can’t focus on more than one thing at the same time.  That evil prosperity doctrine made its fatal entrance decades ago, right after My Holy Spirit began to do a most wonderful work in the hearts of hungering youth and older people tired of dead, cold religion.  How wonderfully that great outpouring of My Holy Spirit began!  How fervent was the love among My people!  So much like Pentecost it was a thrill to My Father Heart.


But so many who knew Me in the beginning “grew more mature” and worldly-wise.  Practicality took over, and loving Jesus was no longer the chief end of many Christians’ lives.  Joying in Jesus  became a side-issue, and what I could do in the way of resolving difficulties in the lives of My people became the primary focus, as fervent love for Me faded with time.  People who once shouted and jumped for joy were made to feel ashamed for being “fanatical”, so they "grew up" and "toned it down". And yet those same believers wouldn't have hesitated to make merry at a football or baseball game.


In today's purpose-oriented churchianity,   “Religion” must always churn out visible, immediate products, many are told, and if outward works and demonstrations of miracles are not continually in evidence from loving Me, then what good was the worship session?


That’s just as wicked a mind-set as reducing your husband or wife to being valued only as a cook, dishwasher, cleaner, provider and dispenser of pleasure.  What if that one were absent from you for a time?  What if he or she “hid their face from you”, as I seemed to have done in the lives of My people Israel at times?  Would you miss your dear spouse, or would you only miss the fringe benefits they provided you with?


Those greedy televangelist snakes are guilty of using Me as a necessary prop to pry money out of the multitudes.  The cross is an unpopular topic with them because it doesn’t generate funds like fun subjects do. New cars and cruises suit them better than the old rugged cross.  But my, they sure do love to emphasize the resurrection, but only to teach that if only John Q. Christian would please take a leap of “faith” and donate a hundred dollars, his dead faith for miracles could be resurrected!


Beware who you choose to follow as a teacher.  There are some good pastors and elders out there who only want to serve Me as obedient sons and lead by example in following the way of the Cross.  Not a sad, miserable journey of asceticism, but a way of loving and serving and pointing others unto Me as that One Who gave His very life for your sakes.


But if you choose to dine at the table of con artists and Scripture twisters, you will begin to think exactly as they do in key areas of doctrine and practice. Beware of following that blind guide into the ditch (pit of hell) instead of into heaven, where the real reward for righteousness awaits those who are faithful to that faith originally delivered unto the saints.