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Jere.14:10: Thus saith the LORD unto this people, Thus have they loved to wander, they have not refrained their feet, therefore the LORD doth not accept them; he will now remember their iniquity, and visit their sins.
11 Then said the LORD unto me, Pray not for this people for their good.
12 When they fast, I will not hear their cry; and when they offer burnt offering and an oblation, I will not accept them: but I will consume them by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence.

Jere.29:17: Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Behold, I will send upon them the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, and will make them like vile figs, that cannot be eaten, they are so evil.

Psalms 5:5: The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.




You blockaded Pilate from saving the Savior

In that evil day you made your choice

God’s not OUR King, you proclaimed with one voice.

Synagogue of Satan, my wrath’s against you

TRUE Jews of conscience you persecute

Who upon their returning Messiah wait

To set up Jacob’s LEGITIMATE state

You seized MY Land with guns and force

Before the coming of the Lord

Nazrael murders her native sons

What is this horrible outrage you’ve done?

Thousands maimed, a whole host dead

Children who never uttered ONE threat

Their souls are safe in heaven with Me

They’re still concerned for their families.


Why have you slaughtered your helpless neighbor?

When YOUR trouble comes, there shall be no savior

To deliver you lovers of violence

The LORD rewards righteous recompense.

You’ve made your name to stink EVERYWHERE!

But you’re so stupid you just don’t care.

You murderers have made My Land a byword

You hardened devils are under a curse

But Jews who abhor your oppression are blessed

In the Day of Trouble in the Rock they shall rest

THEIR bread shall be sure, their water secure

The name of the righteous saint shall endure.

But the name of the wicked in infamy rots

His heart is contrary to the things of God

He takes no rest till he’s done someone harm

From the Path of Life he’ll swiftly depart.


But true Jews embrace the Torah’s light

They’ll want to do what’s just and right.

Humble hearts are blessed by God

But bloodthirsty men fall under God’s rod

Synagogue of satan, false Jezebel

I keep track of the souls you’ve killed

What is that blood crying up to My Throne?

Am I so deaf I don’t hear their groans?


Nazrael feeds her war machine

Supported by the Cabalist Fiend

Who rules the puppet on a string

And shall of God’s unmingled wrath drink

In that dread day when Christ shall come

To uproot all who’ve murdered His sons

Jezebel Nazrael, oppressor so evil

How can you flee the damnation of hell?

You think you’re God and you call the shots

My chosen children you vipers are NOT

Blood and gore stains the face of the poor

You’ve turned from Me to play the whore.

You claim Abraham and the Promised Land

But MAN brought you back, it wasn’t MY hand.

I sent you to exile for all your sins

Why should you return if you don’t repent?


A bloody whore who bombs the poor

Yet Christians think you’re the pets of the Lord

Forgotten by all is what Jesus said

YOUR house is left unto you desolate.

The Kingdom of God from YOU was taken

And given by God to another nation

A nation who’d faithfully bring forth good fruit

Of love and mercy, the virtues I choose.

What are YOUR fruits, counterfeit fig tree?

What treasures do you bring to the King?

Hatred, greed, murder, intrigue

Killing your neighbors on bombing sprees.

You spin dirty lies, the truth you despise

Like satan your father you hide from My light

Darkness conceals your web of evil

How can you say you’re My chosen people?


Why do you trespass on Holy Ground

What sort of tree must My angels chop down?

A cursed fig tree with figs so vile

Their stench pervades every nation and isle.

MONEY’S your god, Big Satan your slave

Whatever you need, to HIM you can pray.

Your mighty male lover, he satisfies you

With his great bulk he smothers the truth.

A starstruck lummox who’s led to the slaughter

He worships you, he’s your cannon fodder

He keeps his fair lady up in style

The wife I cast off a cruel crocodile.


Giggling, you ride like a queen on the top

Elated to learn that more Gazans are shot.

You’re ridin’ high on his blubbery gut

Bloated by blood which by conquest he sucked.

Money and blood are under his tongue

Locked in embrace you fondle his guns

You’ve finished your feast of shredded flesh

Canapes of babies with blown-off heads.

The darkest red vintage you raise to a toast

The juices of carnage from satan’s own roast

For dessert you dine on Devil’s Food Cake

Blood sugar frosting from famine you make.

Crude coffee pipes, Palestinian pie

Licked off your lover’s ham-fisted thigh

From his tongue you suck refreshing gold mint

He shoots you more cash for armaments.

The busboy covers your carnage at last

With navy napkins, refills your glass

Guilt for the war dead is on their OWN hands

They threw THEMSELVES in our cast iron pan

Peppered with lead and served on a bed

Of blown-up rice soaked in blood of the dead.


Blow out their lights, it’s time for romance

You tighten his necktie and dig in his pants.

You slender she serpent undressed in his bed

He’s seized by his secrets with threats in his head

He makes you feel safe, never says no to you

Big Satan always gives Nazrael her due

The kings of the earth betrothed him to her

So woe unto nations who won’t bow and serve!

Push  HARDER! the horrible harlot squeals

Penetrate places that store Gazans’ meals

United we target UN aid zones

We’ve eaten the flesh of the dogs’ bare bones!

And so she gives him a sticky wet kiss

Hot blood on her breath as she sighs in bliss.


Her demon offspring she nurses with pride

A plague of locusts getting high in the sky

They make love to murder, their thrust is fast-paced

Satan’s white paint they spray in God’s face.

Murder a man, you mock His Maker

Nazarel does, and God’s gonna break her

Those sadist perverts raining down death

Will be terrified to draw their last breath

Big Satan won’t be around anymore

To keep God from settling that sore old score

Nazrael’s locusts feast on the weak

Armed to the teeth Nazrael murders the meek

She shellshocks the baby in its crib

Kills love of life in Gaza’s kids

Hungry bellies, radical hearts

No heart has the locust with phosphorous farts.


They nuke goldfish bowls armed with sticks and stones

Nazrael shells shelters and funeral homes

They ain’t got the guts to fight a REAL foe

Those polecats hide in their cockpit holes.

From God’s high heaven they cry, I’M the boss!

I’ll win this war and to hell with the cost!

I’m only spraying for roaches tonight

Gee, this sure is an easy fight!

How many are dead? Don’t overblow it

Protesters are throwing a big enough fit

Who knows what bones those dogs will dig up?

Rubble dump graves, burial in the rough.

Why do they HATE us? They weren’t ALL slaughtered

The Lord is against you, who killed children’s fathers!

Sow bereavement you’ll reap the same

Upon My fair land you’ve rained pain and shame.


The Sword of the Mighty Lord of Hosts

Will cut off the leeches wherever He goes

From Dan to Beersheba lamentations arise

Nazrael disarmed, unable to fight.

Her arsenal’s emptied, her hosts are besieged

Suitcases packed, but no one can leave

No other land wants you, there’s nowhere to go

You’ll break rules and run to new refugee homes.

Locusts lament there’s no fuel for their bombers

Without your war toys army life is a bummer

The mighty are fallen without their Death Tech

They run like girls while THEIR homes are wrecked!


Woe unto those who blockade food aid

Who burn up the barley of souls they’ve abased

CURSED be your storehouse, your wine and your bread

CURSED be your bodies, you’re just walking dead

CURSED be your works and your comings and goings

Sackcloth shall clothe your adulterous loins

In the siege that shall come when the Great Whore is judged

For shedding the prophets’ and apostles’ blood.

YOUR eyes will stare in bewildered despair

As YOUR food is plundered and bombed everywhere

The dead are all numbered, their blood I require

Behold the rising of Babylon’s fire!


Forever in heat you follow Big Satan

He lights your fire at feeding stations

You fly to meet him across hell’s chasm

Cries of the dying inflame your orgasm

I’ve no god but Caesar, who gave me this soil

Massage me right here with sweet rosy oil

Big Satan rocks, you cry out for more

You treacherous, wandering, Jezebel whore!

Invading forbidden zones of pleasure

You conquer the earth to loot its vast treasures.

Big Satan you lead by the bit in his jaw

Dead to demands of compassionate law.


Give me MORE, you softly moan

On top of Big Satan are tombs of dead bones

He’s opened wide his bloodstained hand

So YOU can level some other land

Soothed to a stupor in Nazrael’s lap

The Big Giant sleeps in her scheming trap

His secrets ripe plums for her to gather

Deceitfully she whips out her scissors

No ball club bailout for her bear bull

She leaves behind a burnt-out hulk

Unable to see any enemies

She kisses her new man, Mammon Money!

You’ve lost My love, you’ve earned My hate

The plagues of Deuteronomy 28

Will smite you till you can bear no more

Adulterous, lying, conniving whore!


Christians pray and praise in church

But fail to feel the refugee’s hurts.

NAZRAEL must instead be blessed

We pray for them and  to HELL with the rest!

Evil inventions excused and ignored

Nazrael needs more nukes for the Lord!

So pay your taxes cheerfully

Nazrael needs to bomb more babies!

Set up the scene for our war machine

THEY’LL do the purging, OUR hands are clean

Two-thirds of THEM must be cut off and die

So WE can arise and fly to the sky!

We act like we love them, at least for now

So join our tour group, make a joyful sound

We’ll join in their dance by the ancient Wall

Cherish their tombs before they all fall.


Zionist Christians expect big bumper blessings

For feeding Nazrael’s War Machine

But pimping preachers have lied to them

Dealing in death is a damnable sin!

He who arms Nazrael shall share in her guilt

I’ll tear down the lies pretty preachers have built

Blessing bullies brings poverty

Feed the poor with the Lord’s money.

Proverbs twenty-two sixteen

Condemns gifts to Nazrael’s war machine

Bombing the poor brings the wrath of the Lord

Rich Ahab will fall atop his own sword.


Jezebel Nazrael, you make Me sick

You white-washed tomb, you pull every trick

To escape blame for human rights laws you defy

Filling the Land with bloody WAR CRIMES!

You flatter yourself like a pretty peacock

The God of Heaven owes ME a lot

Just because of a quirk of birth

He KNOWS how much MY side is worth!

All your TRADITIONS prove who you are

Your family tree makes YOU the stars.

Christians serve you and kiss your feet

Though they’ve been highly exalted by Me

To share My own Throne as priests and kings

Joint-heirs with Jesus of EVERYTHING.

Their spirits are united with Mine

Espoused to be My very own Bride

But they’ve grown tired of their humbly clad Savior

They’ve been led astray by Zionist teachers

Who replace grace with race and bring back the props

Of Mosaic conquest, this madness must stop!


Hitler was a horrible swine

He murdered anyone who wasn’t his kind

He trapped his rats in brutal camps

And now his soul’s forever damned.

But what have YOU done to hurt My Son?

You sent His disciples on the run

You called MY Son Beelzebub

You turned your back on His Law of Love.

Your fathers denied Christ’s sacrifice

Struggled to stamp out the fledgling light

They KNEW My Gospel message was true

But hindered its spread to Gentiles and Jews.

Many are burning in hell today

Because your fathers blockaded My Way

Just like you block aid from coming in

To Gazans who need food and medicine.

You spread death and grab the dead man’s gold

The sunshine you hate, ‘cause it can’t be sold.

If Christ came back you’d kill Him once more

But the Lamb will return with a Lion’s angry roar

All My foes who My Lordship refuse

Shall be slain without pity whether Gentiles or Jews

War mongers, thieves, blasphemers and liars

My angels shall cast in a furnace of fire.


Burning bombs fall from the charcoal clouds

As you callously flout what My Torah’s about

Your prisoners flee and you give them no rest

You leave them no crumbs as you grab all the best.

On Sabbath you rest from love and mercy

But labor to kill the weak and weary

Bombing the bread of the dying and dead

You play at WAR on your “day of rest.”

You boast of bird poop you sprayed from the sky

They can’t scrape it off before their flesh dies

Ha ha ha! laughed your yellow airmen

We’re only spraying OUR land for vermin!

You fearlessly murder the works of My hand

With innocent blood you fill My land.

The Angel of Death shall be sent from My Throne

To gather fodder to feed hell below.

You Jezebel, you spawn of hell

You’ll be dog food on the ground as well

Burning sores and wounds that won’t heal

My righteous wrath shall be revealed.

I’ll thresh you with My mighty flail

Your lovers in the West shall fail

No more gifts of bird poop planes

I’ll strip you naked, show the nations your shame.


You burn My babies and cut off aid

Your big fat flunkies now join the blockade

Over My Son you’ve thrown your shoe

So now I wash My hands of you.

Two thousand patient, longsuffering years

I’ve watched you plague this planet with tears

Your lying and your usury

Control of banking and industry

You’ve jacked up prices on everything

Insulted My Son and soon-coming King

The whole wide world takes its orders from you

Rich politicians give the devil his due

You butcher your victims, THEY get the blame

But to YOU belongs the sickening shame.

Synagogue of Satan who martyred My saints

Murdered the prophets, cast My precepts away

You’ve lied to My people, you’ve had your day

Because of your lies only some will be saved

The God of Heaven now casts you away

Out of My sight, with your lovers go play!


Jerusalem will be cut in two

By a Solomon found in the midst of you

Desperate and fearful he’ll seal a deal

With those from whom you love to steal.

Saviors shall rise from the ends of the earth

And pray for the Lord to put PEOPLE first

Save those souls appointed to die

Cast down oppressors from their lofty heights.

Cast our oppressors down to the pit

Vacate the throne where satan sits

Send a savior to smash the iron fist

That Your Name may be praised within our midst.

Such prayers were prayed in Hitler’s day

By those who suffered oppression and pain

Now that his work is done again

I shall now arise to your victims’ defense.


Your wishy-washy “sorry” won’t wash

Your sins remain naked before Almighty God

You saddle the nations with repaying the cost

Of pulverized homes, hospitals and mosques.

You foul the streets like a reckless wild ass

Expecting others to cough up the cash

To pick up YOUR poop like Uncle Tom slaves

You’ve turned MY land to a bloodstained grave!

I’ll crumble Nazrael to similar rubble

For her neighbor’s suffering you’ll get double trouble

GOD don’t play favorites, you’ll soon discover

You won’t be saved by your bankrupt lover.


You share the same guilt, you’ll drink the same cup

The coming years are gonna be rough

Because you slew your poor neighbor’s lamb

Falsely accused him to steal his land

Then pulled dirty tricks to stone him to death

NEVER AGAIN will you peacefully rest.

That Cabalist cult who pulls the strings

Will fall by the stone of David’s sling

A tried Stone, a Precious Cornerstone

Who’s calling His Heavenly Zion home

To mansions of light in a City so bright

It’s never darkened by shadows of night.

But woe unto those upon whom that Stone falls

Condemned by the breaking of sacred law

It shall grind them to powder on that dreadful day

When the Judge of the earth makes debtors pay

Billions in damage, untold heartache

You’ll reap what you’ve sown, to the penny you’ll pay!

Synagogue of satan, foul Jezebel

Awaiting you is a devil’s hell.


Captivity time will come again

My land will rest from your loathsome sins

Peace and quiet at least for a while

Until the superman unveils his guile.

Nature itself will vomit you out

You unwashed, filthy, wallowing sow.

Not until your Remnant repents

Will I take pity and from judgment relent.

All nations behold the blood you’ve shed

With heads of state you’re snuggled in bed

But when you’re cast out you’ll have NO true friends

Because from your murders you won’t repent.


Fearful and haunted by bloodguilt you’ll flee

With NO assurance of peace and safety

A curse and a hissing to all the nations

Refugees gather at feeding stations.

The woman who once fed delicately

Is now reduced to rice and beans

Beans and rice, contagion and lice

Cut off from all that’s normal and nice

Quaking in fear that death is near

Her eyes are dry and drained of tears.

She trips on a twisted strip of steel

Her pedicured foot  is pierced through the heel.


Doctors are banned from the bombed-out Land

Nowhere to find a helping hand

Nothing to kill the infection and pain

She shrieks in the rubble all swollen and lame.

In the outraged sky a deafening drone

Leaves only the dying’s pitiful groans

Swirling swathes of death overhead

With nowhere to go people envy the dead.

The woman’s too weak to rise to her feet

Naked steel beams bent from shimmering heat

She’ll die if she can’t escape this place

Before she knows it she’s been erased.


Flaming phosphorous scorches the sky

People screaming and terrified

Please, dear God, won’t You let me die?

We’ve got no weapons with which to fight

Bodies are burned in the rubble dump

A man stares in horror at his bloody stump

Mangled specters pockmarked with pain

And yet the bombs relentlessly rain.

Choking smoke fills the fiery air

Please give me a ticket to ANYWHERE!

O God of my fathers, please LISTEN to me

 I need a SAFE place to lie down and sleep!


Because you did the same to your neighbors

Your life will not become any safer

He who punished degenerate Sodom

Will hand you a drink to drain to the bottom.

Go seek your shelter from your lovers

Fornicate from under the covers

Mighty nations can’t bring salvation

From heaven’s wrath and retribution

You’ve wrapped things up right on schedule

But Almighty God’s not so easily fooled

Your cunningly crafted scripted show

Will end with the victors vanquished below!

Big Satan will party and backs will be slapped

Ignorant of future tricky traps

The wine will flow, polished words will glow

The honeymoon ends right after the show.

This magical moment will give way to fear

Insoluble problems will bring many tears.


Your hurt will get worse instead of better

You merciless fool, impoverished debtor

You wouldn’t let Christ pay for your sins

Your heart’s too hard to believe and repent.

Like Ahab you stole your neighbor’s land

Judgment will fall from God’s own hand

Arrows ordained upon My bow

To smite the merciless down below.

Chosen? YES! For perpetual war

Chosen for the famine and the sword

Chosen for the wrath of the Lord

Hell worse than you dealt to those slain by your sword

If you don’t repent with a broken heart

You’ll find the Way of Transgressors hard

CUT OFF from all that’s righteous and good

You’ll burn in hell like rotten wood.


Go ahead, celebrate your “win”

But all you’ll reap is your wages for sin

On this your evil, pre-scripted day

I hear the hosts of NAZRAEL say

We sure showed THEM! Now they know who’s boss

Like Christ we hung their butts on the Cross

The idiot’s out, let’s sing and shout

That Leftie must NEVER our statements doubt

That Mr. Nice Guy they all idolize

Must dance to the tune OUR piper pipes!

We OWN him, he owes his soul to US

Despite alleged allegiance to Jesus.

Our dirty work’s done, the battle’s won

The truce safely signed, new lies are spun

NOW is OUR time to proclaim a peace

But none of OUR rats will ever be freed.

Uncle Tom slaves will do OUR work

They’ll kiss our feet and grovel in dirt.

THEY’LL slop the hogs and pen them in

And leave them without any means of defense.


Whatever Nazrael wants, she gets

Jezebel controls puppet governments!

They’ve sold their souls so they can serve US

Our meals of bombs, tanks, missiles and guns.

They’ll never fail to replenish OUR purse

Even if the whole world’s out of work

It’s OUR right to suck the breast of kings

They’ll do our bidding as underlings.

From all the cares of compassion we rest

Subservient allies will wipe out the pests

THEIR ships will keep the rats caged in

There’s no way in hell our victims can win!


For Hitler’s camps we take revenge

THEIR buildings are rubble, THEIR skin is singed

THEIR widows mourn, THEIR kids are crippled

We’ve pulverized THEIR hospitals.

THEIR bodies are burnt all the way to the bone

By phosphorous farts we belched out below

THEIR arms are missing, THEIR eyes shot out

Let’s chant and make a joyful sound!

Passover’s coming, let’s give god thanks

For leading us safely over Jordan’s banks

He carried us over the mighty Red Sea

The Red Sea’s drowning all our enemies.

A sea of blood THEIR whole land floods

GOD owes US unconditional love

God Himself can’t stop our war planes

From killing for HIM on His Sabbath Day

Primitive men in those Bible stories

Had to bow and give God glory

Even though God could fight spears and slings

To Sat Nav nukes He can’t do anything!

Because OUR ancestor’s Abraham

We can kill who we want and the whole world be damned!

If the Lord don’t like it He can sit on a tack

We’re planted in OUR land, God can’t send us back!


Thus says the LORD to those haughty boasters

Who trust in their guns and murder-motors

I curse your locusts with scorpion tails

Which leave a lethal, burning trail

Satan invented the “blessing” you got

From your lover fattened on religious rot

Conscientious Christians hold their noses

While praying for YOU My alleged chosen

To ALWAYS get the victory

They must make excuses for evil thieves

For they’ve been taught to put Nazrael first

Or they’d fall under an ancient curse.

Zionist preachers hold them in bondage

And saddle them with Old Testament baggage

But the Blood of My Son has set them free

To live in New Covenant liberty.

They aren’t cringing slaves to a criminal nation

They’ve been exalted by My salvation

Christians don’t owe Christ’s foes a penny

To finance your sins which are so many!


Instead of serving YOU the nicest pie

I’ll pour bowls of wrath from My angry sky

Famine will fuel more angry outbursts

Instead of repenting you’ll only curse worse.

A towering foe swoops in from the north

To Judge you, Jezebel, Nazrael whore!

Those breasts you suck are gonna dry up

THEN we’ll see if you still act tough!


A corpse attached to a living Body

Against the decay there’s no antibodies

Covenant partner? You’re rotting My flesh

To living stones you’re ministering DEATH!

Can two walk together if they aren’t one soul?

Can God’s Spirit of Life bless a Death Patrol?

Jesus came to save men, not kill

It’s SATAN’S job to murder and steal.

My Body I’ll rid of you parasites

And make you mourn in the darkest night

Your conscience will damn you and keep you awake

I give sleep to man, but your sleep I can take

I’ll smite you with terrible nervous disorders

Because you killed those you trapped in their borders.

You’ll toss and you’ll turn but get no rest

A thready heartbeat in your neck and chest

Your mouth is dry, your palms are sweating

No cover for sin, My judgment you’re dreading

Your bowels will boil with unearthly fright

The years fly by, hell’s mouth opens wide.

Satan greets you, says well done, my son!

A nice sacrifice, MY victory’s won!

 But Christ’s Reign will cast out your evil regime

Throughout the earth My Name you’ve blasphemed.


I honored YOU above other nations

I only gave YOU written revelation

I shared with you wisdom, mercy and love

But you’ve driven away My gentle Dove.

First in privilege, first in judgment

For all your crimes comes your punishment

The nations shall gather to get their due

They’re wrong, it’s MY place to punish you!

Your Passovers are abhorrent to Me

Blood’s on your hands, rebellious sheep!

The ghosts of your guilt will haunt your feast

What taints your wine and unclean meats?

The leaven of the blood you’ve shed

The cry for justice from the dead

Is heard by the Mighty Lord of Hosts

Who will avenge those fallen souls.


Demolished homes, the whole Land rings

With angry shouts and blasphemies

You broke your treaties and My creatures’ bodies

You bloody Belial, away from Me!

Instead of sweet fruit, behold, only thorns

Better for you if you’d never been born

Why did I ever put up with you

You crooked liars and counterfeit Jews!

Hypocrites who serve the devil

How can you escape the flames of hell?

Over YOU, false Jews, have I cast my shoe

My land does not belong to you!